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Great Expectations

Hello all, yes, I know, I haven’t been around that much all summer, blame it on a bad wrist, writer’s cramp, and to be brutally honest, booger all to write about untill now.

But now…I have spent some time trying to get to know someone, someone I really thought was special,…then the bombshell, someone they’ve apparently known for years has “popped” back onto the scene and hey presto, me out in the cold, second place again. NOT

Those of you who know me well, will know this simply isn’t going to happen to me again, even if it means my being a spinster all my life, no way will I take second row to anyone anymore.

Altogether this has been a rather strange summer, BabyMibs has grown far faster than I had anticipated, both in spirit and in size, and it feels as though almost everyone I know has either gotten engaged or married….maybe just my old age showing through or maybe life trying to tell me something, am still undecided on that front.

BabyMibs is starting to show his own personality quite strongly now….he has very fixed mideas on what he’d like to do etc, and I think maybe I am geting the same way in a different way. I feel I have gotten the same way, short-tempered, short-fused and definitely far too short on time to waste on guys who may be interested, maybe not.

Have a feeling my new mindset is going to end a “cruel summer” with a “winter’s tale”, but why on earth should I settle for second-best?


I am the best thing that could happen to anyone..am I not??


Apologies on the lack of posts..watch this space for updates on our summer hols and how the new place is shaping up xx


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You Are Beautiful, No Matter What Anybody Says

If you get the time, do pop across and read this blog post, never a truer set of words said!


You Are Beautiful, No Matter What Anybody Says.


It could make you feel 100% better about yourself!

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My Toilet Training Journey To Hell And Back


This week, FINALLY, BabyMibs has retraced his steps along the tracks of toilet-training, much to my immense relief, (and the less messy and unsociable relief of him!).

He actually WAS toilet-trained two years ago, then when I got a part-time job and his Dad took care of him whilst I was working ( two birds with one stone, quality time with a Dad he didn’t get to see that often and time-out for me!), it all went horribly wrong when Dad forgot to stick with the programme and opted for the easy choice of continuing to use nappies!

The net result was for far too long a time, one lazy son who flatly refused to even try anymore, at some great and uneccessary expense to me, until the day came that he did his stay and play sessions at his soon-to-be new school.  All the usual methods, rewards, star charts, etc had been tried and failed miserably, to the extent that every failure day had me in tears of frustration. Once he realised that he could NOT go to school unless he could use the toilet properly like all the other kids, he made a token-ish effort, the crunch came when Nasty Mommy took away his computer until he mastered the task in hand.

I probably don’t need to mention the nasty messes we got into during this process to other parents out there, it seems to be one of those subjects nobody talks about, but I am absolutely sure we all go through those “sticky” moments.

Roll forward nine whole days of real effort on his part, with to be fair only three “accidents”, we now have the computer back in place, and one happy proud BabyMibs.

He even managed to walk six miles the day before yesterday without once needing to go, which is just as well considering there are no public toilets on our high street, a sad and scarey fact I discovered whilst I was pregnant and trying to shop!

I have to admit, I found needing to “go” often a total nightmare when pregnant, and it invariably cost me far more than I intended to spend whilst out having to buy cups of coffee that I didn’t want just so that I could use the facilities wherever I was!


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Wind Turbines – What Chris Huhne Does Not Want You To Know (via Tory Aardvark)

And they are insisting on building more of these because???

I personally am all for greener living wherever practical, BUT not when it causes a blight on our landscapes, drops entire villages property prices to a crippling level, destroys wildlife and actually has no real benefit to anyone except the manufacturer ( often outside of the UK so no jobs for us Brits) and whomever’s pockets are getting lined for giving the “green” light for these projects

This short video compilation exposes shocking images of death and destruction that is the hidden price of wind farms. Blighted communities campaign to stop green lunacy, the toll on birds continues to mount, the environmental damage from wind turbine production in China is kept hidden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svicELHAWyw During the coldest winter for many years, British wind turbines failed spectacularly to provide electricity because it wa … Read More

via Tory Aardvark

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Greenhouse Gas Theory Trashed In Ground Breaking Experiment (via Tory Aardvark)

Add to this the fact that we KNOW our beautiful planet has been happily reshaping herself and changing without our help or interference for millions of years, and no doubt will continue to do so, again WITHOUT or even DESPITE our attempts at interference.
I wonder what grandiose moneymaking schemes “they’d” come up with if it came about that we knew our sun was going to implode in say 100 years from now?
I am sure someone somewhere would profit from that also!

Greehouse Gas Theory Trashed In Ground Breaking Experiment Over a 100 years ago a professor at John Hopkins University conducted a series of experiments that disproved the Greenhouse Gas and Global Warming theories. Others followed Robert W. Wood and came to the same conclusions. In more recent times the warming alarmists have rerun Woods experiment and c … Read More

via Tory Aardvark

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Climate Change : One World Government Attempts To Start AGW Security Force (via Tory Aardvark)

In a perfect world, I’d win the lottery and buy my own small island away from it all, BUT probably get invaded there also!
I’m no expert, but from a layman’s point of view, doesn’t the UN tend to supposedly assist in humanitarian atrocities, but only actually attempt to achieve this aim in oil-bearing and therefore politically strategic countries, neither of which can possibly be described as green in any way shape or form?
And given my personal belief in that all this climate change stuff is simply our beautiful planet strutting her stuff, as she has been for millions of years without our help or interference, the above news seems very scary indeed!
More excuses for the power-hungry to gain more of a foothold


Climate Change : One World Government Attempts To Start AGW Security Force This is probably the most disturbing recent twist in the Great Global Warming scam, the pretenders to one world government the UN want to change the brief of its Private Army Peacekeeping force so that the one world government can deploy armed force to any country where they have deemed that war or civi … Read More

via Tory Aardvark

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Let The Housewives Run The Country!

Apologies to those guys out there who do the stay-at-home thing with the kids and no doubt do an admirable job of all the ensuing tasks, including bill paying, housework etc, this post DOES of course include you!

The Prime Minister of the UK in particular, and I do feel this would work in most countries, SHOULD BE A MOMMY HOUSEWIFE ( or houseperson). They are well versed in patching up light wounds, placating arguments verbally or even just with THAT look, shopping on a budget WITHOUT letting their family go without, frequently go without themselves for the good of their family, you name it they do it and do it well.

In fact the best placed peeps to run this country of ours ( any country for that matter) are families on benefits, BEFORE you all rush to judge, well over 90% of folks receiving help ( and by this I mean ALL help on low incomes) have, do (and will do again) contributed at some point, appreciate how lucky they are to receive any help at all, and above all KNOW THE LIMITS OF THEIR BUDGETS. They CAN apply the word “NO” when asked for some expensive gadget or toy, ( read donation abroad/bribe/housing foreign national’s criminals etc) they CAN apply spending priorities to their home’s needs ( read country into that and you kinda get my point).  They also have the mission impossible each and every week of which area do we ignore this time, be it the ever-increasing bills in order to purchase food for hungry bellies, or starve and go cold because of school uniform requirements, In short, they haven’t had that privileged upbringing where everything is simply THERE for you, the first Degree they learned wasn’t simply how to fill in an expenses form as to how to get away with it ( didn’t our guys and gals fail there folks!)

Ok, I rest my case, what do YOU out there think?


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