Let The Housewives Run The Country!

Apologies to those guys out there who do the stay-at-home thing with the kids and no doubt do an admirable job of all the ensuing tasks, including bill paying, housework etc, this post DOES of course include you!

The Prime Minister of the UK in particular, and I do feel this would work in most countries, SHOULD BE A MOMMY HOUSEWIFE ( or houseperson). They are well versed in patching up light wounds, placating arguments verbally or even just with THAT look, shopping on a budget WITHOUT letting their family go without, frequently go without themselves for the good of their family, you name it they do it and do it well.

In fact the best placed peeps to run this country of ours ( any country for that matter) are families on benefits, BEFORE you all rush to judge, well over 90% of folks receiving help ( and by this I mean ALL help on low incomes) have, do (and will do again) contributed at some point, appreciate how lucky they are to receive any help at all, and above all KNOW THE LIMITS OF THEIR BUDGETS. They CAN apply the word “NO” when asked for some expensive gadget or toy, ( read donation abroad/bribe/housing foreign national’s criminals etc) they CAN apply spending priorities to their home’s needs ( read country into that and you kinda get my point).  They also have the mission impossible each and every week of which area do we ignore this time, be it the ever-increasing bills in order to purchase food for hungry bellies, or starve and go cold because of school uniform requirements, In short, they haven’t had that privileged upbringing where everything is simply THERE for you, the first Degree they learned wasn’t simply how to fill in an expenses form as to how to get away with it ( didn’t our guys and gals fail there folks!)

Ok, I rest my case, what do YOU out there think?



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