Hello And Welcome To All From MibsBlog

About MibsBlog

 An insight into the everyday life of my 5 yr old son and myself, on the path to our dream goal of a small holding, tidbits of things that please, annoy, amaze or simply catch my attention and imagination, also a chance for you to meet some really amazing folks that I know and those I have yet to meet along the way!

I am a general all-round life blogger, as I am NOT just a mommy!

Oh and do check out the jokes section..here I post the very best that I find on my travels through the web, and share them here to make you all smile!


6 responses to “Hello And Welcome To All From MibsBlog

  1. Sound exciting having a small holding, somthing i would of liked if ihad the time, if you ever need a decent roofer let us know, im sure we could do you the best deal ever. Good luck 🙂


  2. Hey Mibs, Just thought I’d stop by and wish you all the best with the blog.
    If you ever fancy writing with us at Pluggedin.co.uk then do give us a shout.
    Best from me and the PluggedIn team 🙂

  3. Hope your dream of a smallholding happens soon. :0) xxx

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