Green Stealth Tax Will Sentence Millions Of Britons To Fuel Poverty (via Tory Aardvark)

Just a little over 10% of your disposable income spent on bills places you in fuel poverty? Good grief, where does that place me then?
After paying my rent alone, my leftover income is a mere £77.62 per week ( often £10 less if less hours available) so after paying out a minimum of £24.50 to the Water Board, £22 to the electricity company, and currently £16 for gas ( I daren’t use it in the winter now!) that leaves me with just £15.12 per week on average to buy food/clothes/transport/all life’s other expenses for myself and my son!
For the record, we do NOT live like Royalty, we rent a tiny damp-ridden horrid flat, best I could manage, rarely have any lights on after sunset, we share one bath per week to save water, ( there is NO shower here sadly), and don’t run the central heating at all, there is only a 2-ring gas hob that rarely works anyhow, and I rarely have anything worth actually cooking in the electric oven!
Since the local bus company recently decided they wanted £24 per week for a local travel pass, we now have to walk everywhere, which on a very poor diet is actually not doing us any good.
I currently hate the Government for preaching one thing to us all with regards to austerity measures, some of us have been living in austere times for a heck of a lot longer than they realise, especially when THEY themselves are lording it up at Wimbledon, and various posh dinner parties lately, and I also hate the utility companies who do seem to be taking the mickey out of us mere mortals, the less I use of anything the more it is costing me………yet they cry “repairs and carbons taxes” yet proclaim such ridiculously HUGE profits on a regular basis!
Rant over

Green Stealth Tax Will Sentence Millions Of Britons To Fuel Poverty This absolutely has to be a first, a centre left think tank has criticised a Climate Religion policy warning that the Carbon Floor Price introduced in the 2011 Budget, will cause fuel poverty for tens of thousands … Read More

via Tory Aardvark

and ps no i am not in debt…yet, the amounts above are what i have to set aside weekly so that I DONT get into debt.. they are what it works out per week when I break the bills down



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2 responses to “Green Stealth Tax Will Sentence Millions Of Britons To Fuel Poverty (via Tory Aardvark)

  1. Happy this was worth the amount of work it took me to be able to view it. Absolutely insane what kind of work arounds I had to do to load your post. Never ever emigrate to Syria, utterly arbitrary websites have been blocked by our ISP’s for no apparent reason. Best Regards, Ashli Showden

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