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I personally am more reminded of the old Smash advert, with the laughing tin Martians whenever I see news on the Curiosity bot!
Saw the “lights in the sky” last night myself, and suspect it was a satellite or something crashing down..definately didn’t act like a meteor and “they” are good at not being totally honest with us ( maybe someone in the Middle East finally managed to attempt to nuke us?)
Who knows, but it was one heck of a good light show, and will provide rich fodder for great imaginations such as Kate’s, love the story Kate, brilliant imagery!

Kate Shrewsday

It appears man’s technology is not advancing quite fast enough.

Six weeks ago, the rover robot Curiosity made it to the surface of Mars. It was not a dead cert. There were many things which could have gone awry: but mankind in general and NASA in particular patted themselves on the back when the little robot made it.

What an achievement. Our man on Mars, taking pictures of that ethereal moon, Phobos, crossing the sun; strolling across the surface of the red planet and sending back holiday snaps.

It has not travelled far, however.

During its six week vacation – it landed August 6 –  it has trekked a vast 950 yards and now it has become extremely preoccupied with a rock.

I can see why. It’s a pretty shape.

A bit too pretty, if you ask me.

It is a creditable pyramid, in dark stone. According to the BBC

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Best of 2012 April Fools Gags

 These are just a few of the many April Fool’s gags worldwide this year, it’s heartening to note that despite all the tough times, companies and people can rally round to give us all a laugh!


The rather funny “BBC” end of the world gag



Peugeot’s Mood Paint colour changing car ( mine would always be red lol)



 Skype For String anyone?



Firebox’s DubStepladder



Sony launch the world’s smallest computer, the size of a coin!



Google’s very own self-driving NASCARS’s



 Honda’s new anti-theft negotiator device! ( this one is really funny!)



Hello Tosh, got a nice Shaped Toshiba Tablet?



A new Green Tax on Champagne!



Virgin launch trips to the centre of the Earth via your choice of volcano!



O2’s very long-lasting new phone…talk for 1,000 hours!



Hungry Hippos launched for iPad



Multi mouse functionality for your pc!



Arsenal launching a new Emirates Stadium fragrance! ( ewwk)



 Kodak’s range of “print your own” starting with live kittens!



Time-travel Timebar from Reddit!



Sending emails from your phone by Morse Code? Introducing Gmail Tap!



PC Multi-tasking the Google way!



Fancy 175 delivery trucks arriving at your home with films for you? See the YouTube Collection for further details



Anyone fancy a 42” iPad?



 Toshiba’s new 3D Monacle



 Happy Monday’s star to advise the UK Government? Lol



Police launch Hosepipe Amnesty



Lynx launch a super new spray app



Hopping Google Mapmakers new Google Street Roo anyone?



 Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head for iPad




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Unfair Lambasting Of Stephen Hester

I have been watching the news today with more than a degree of disbelief. Don’t get me wrong, I do not pretend to actually have any real working knowledge of the banking world, but surely, it won’t do any long-term good to put off the guys who can actually do their jobs, and do them well? I am but a mere lowly paid mortal as are probably most of my readers here, and have more than a healthy degree of dislike for the banker’s bonuses and pay scales in general,  BUT, when you are hired to do a job for a set wage, which it would appear Mr Hester was, and then someone, NOT your boss turns around and says, “sorry mate, yes you’ve worked hard and done what was expected of you, but you can’t actually have what was promised you”, then I have a problem with that.

The amounts do defy belief in a way, his bonus alone is more than enough to set me and my son up for life both in security for life and a business of our own, BUT, in a way it is all relative, not one of us would like to take on a job then be told that we won’t be able to have what we are due, would we?

It’s not as though he awarded himself the bonus, a whole board of folks did that, including one notable board member representative from our own UK Government!

I find it incredibly unfair that this poor guy, who has simply set out to achieve what he was paid to do at the end of the day, has been singled out and lambasted by those very same money-grabbing oiks who have systematically claimed whatever they could get away with at our expense.

I did a small straw poll today amongst those of us to whom that bonus alone would have been a lottery win, and not one of them was actually against the guy getting what he was due, despite the vast difference in pay and lifestyle, so to me this is yet another example of a political smokescreen for something else.

Think about it folks, if the leader of RBS quits, ( and who right now could blame him?) who else is going to want to take up the reins, knowing they will get publically bullied and lambasted by guys ( and probably gals) who are already living quite comfortably off the state ( ergo us) and will no doubt have very lucrative ( and secretive) arrangements made in the private sector to fall back on once their political careers are over?

I don’t have an answer to this problem, but do feel for the one poor guy who got picked on to suit someone else’s agenda.


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Happy Birthday To A Very Special Person!

Annoyingly, I have only just discovered that it is a good friend of mine’s birthday today ( she sure kept THAT gem quiet lol!)


So….HAPPY 21ST SUNNY…hope you having a fab day sweetie, you deserve it! xxxx


If anyone wants to really annoy her, then do feel free to pop across to her blog,   eatingonapound    ,  and leave a birthday message for her, who knows, on this dark snowy Sunday evening we may even create the first online cosy “Flashmob”!

Lot’s of useful and fun articles to read there whilst you’re there, so do take a cuppa with you.

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COP17 Champagne Environmentalists Appearing At Durban

Yet again, words simply fail me, DO take the time to go check this blog out, what it contains might not shock you but WILL open your eyes!


COP17 Champagne Environmentalists Appearing At Durban.

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More Money Grabbing Madness

I am sitting here watching the news in a near state of total disbelief.

It has ended with the news that our “beloved” government is actually going to put people’s lives at risk and go ahead with the closure of eight key-placed and much-needed Coastguard Stations around the UK   ( news here )

They also intend on repeating the same mistakes they made at OUR expense with the centralised Fire and Police Control Centres, that got built, furnished then abandoned after MILLIONS was wasted on them, by doing the same thing all over again with the Coastguard service.

I wonder if they’d be so quick to do this if they didn’t have the salary/back-up for THEIR family should they need it?

What has incensed me beyond measure was the first part of the news… with reference to this self-same government wanting even MORE money from our pockets     (news here)   for themselves.

Apparently, having more than a decent salary each, and being able to claim for even a kitchen sink on their expenses sheets on top of their wages, not to mention all those tasty kick-backs ( just read anything on the climate/so-called Green energy debates  HERE  ) simply isn’t enough for them anymore.

Once upon a time I honestly believed that MP’s were there to serve the people who voted for them, who actually cared about their country and wanted to make a difference. This was some time ago. From what I have seen in the last 30 odd years, they simply wish to line their own pockets in any way they can. Do any of them care that tonight for instance, due to the ridiculously rising costs of household utilities, not to mention food prices, I actually had to choose NOT to have a hot meal?

My money goes on the rent once a week, and what is left gets divided into 7 equal portions, then each day’s worth gets broken down again into gas, water, electricity, food etc.

There was nothing reduced in any of the five supermarkets I walked around today, over a period of 3 hours, ( there are so few where I am), and for me to have paid “full-price” for anything edible, it would have meant not enough change left over with which to cook whatever I had chosen!

Yes, I am one of the lower end of the scale, but HELLO Dear Government, there is an ever-increasing number of folks just like me out there, we actually DO try to do our bit, and STILL get financially stamped on every time one of you makes a grand decision over your glass of champagne in your fancy restaurant.

Maybe if we didn’t collectively have to pay so much for YOUR lifestyles, we’d actually be able to get by!

With the other recent news regarding the so-called Industry Fat Cats getting huge salaries, I cannot help thinking we’d all be better off in the UK if we fired ALL government ministers and simply hired the best brains in industry to run the various departments instead!

At least those guys shouldn’t feel the need to steal from us!

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Panorama – Is There A Climate Of Change At The BBC

I watched this with a fair degree of disbelief and anger. Hopefully the programme will have done it’s job in making more and more people aware of the deceptions going on up high

Panorama – Is There A Climate Of Change At The BBC.

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