My Toilet Training Journey To Hell And Back


This week, FINALLY, BabyMibs has retraced his steps along the tracks of toilet-training, much to my immense relief, (and the less messy and unsociable relief of him!).

He actually WAS toilet-trained two years ago, then when I got a part-time job and his Dad took care of him whilst I was working ( two birds with one stone, quality time with a Dad he didn’t get to see that often and time-out for me!), it all went horribly wrong when Dad forgot to stick with the programme and opted for the easy choice of continuing to use nappies!

The net result was for far too long a time, one lazy son who flatly refused to even try anymore, at some great and uneccessary expense to me, until the day came that he did his stay and play sessions at his soon-to-be new school.  All the usual methods, rewards, star charts, etc had been tried and failed miserably, to the extent that every failure day had me in tears of frustration. Once he realised that he could NOT go to school unless he could use the toilet properly like all the other kids, he made a token-ish effort, the crunch came when Nasty Mommy took away his computer until he mastered the task in hand.

I probably don’t need to mention the nasty messes we got into during this process to other parents out there, it seems to be one of those subjects nobody talks about, but I am absolutely sure we all go through those “sticky” moments.

Roll forward nine whole days of real effort on his part, with to be fair only three “accidents”, we now have the computer back in place, and one happy proud BabyMibs.

He even managed to walk six miles the day before yesterday without once needing to go, which is just as well considering there are no public toilets on our high street, a sad and scarey fact I discovered whilst I was pregnant and trying to shop!

I have to admit, I found needing to “go” often a total nightmare when pregnant, and it invariably cost me far more than I intended to spend whilst out having to buy cups of coffee that I didn’t want just so that I could use the facilities wherever I was!



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2 responses to “My Toilet Training Journey To Hell And Back

  1. It’s so hard to toilet train them isn’t it!!! We’re still trying with Sausage, he just doesn’t seem to think it’s important. I’m glad BabyMibs has got there in the end! I hope my lad will do the same! :O)

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