Shame On You Energy Suppliers

I have just fully read these articles here:

The Mail  – Their headline reads ” Flaming cheek! British Gas whacks £200 on your energy bill – and that’s on top of crippling green taxes”

And this is AFTER this one:

The Guardian  –  “EU votes against reducing carbon emissions by 30%”

SO, the rest of Europe is finally seeing sense with people’s hard-earned cash, yet we in the UK are having to foot the difference when it comes to profits?

These are the very same companies, and it IS all of them in the UK, who are so sneaky about their pricing, ( mine decided to change my account over to “standard” pricing without warning, am STILL awaiting a reply to my letter over THAT one) , who happily post their quarterly profits and boast that they are the highest profits yet!

With so many jobs being lost, hours being cut and food prices going nuts, where exactly DO they think we will be able to make the necessary cuts in order to just exist? ( and fund their no doubt luxury lifestyles!)

If anyone from the energy companies actually bothers to take the time to read this, here is just my example of my costs and usage, just so you KNOW what you are doing to ordinary folks here in the UK.

My household is just me and my 4 yr old son. We already scrimp big-time, we share just one bath a week ( cannot afford to fit a shower into our rented flat), and strip-wash the rest of the time, again, shared water.

We daren’t put the heating on, even in winter, although it is a requirement of my tenancy NOT to allow the pipes to freeze!

We now don’t even have the lights/tv on at night in order to try to save money, and as I only have a two-ringed gas cooker and an electric oven to cook in, we eat a hot meal about three times per week only. We use the washing machine once per week only, and try to re-wear clothes wherever possible.

Despite our “green saving the planet” lifestyle, if you can call this sub-standard way of living a lifestyle, it seems the less we use of anything, the MORE WE GET CHARGED!

My minimum required payment of the very basic bills now are: AFTER paying out my rent of  £130 a week,  leaving me with just £63 per week for EVERYTHING else!

Gas £15 per week

Electricity £25 per week

Water £22 per week!

This is a scandalous situation, and I speak for all hard-working Brits out there who are in a similar or worse position.

All the companies, and indeed the government itself, bleats on about carbon emissions and global warming, yet what exactly are they doing to combat this, and how on earth do they expect anyone except the very wealthy to be able to afford the “luxury” of having your lights on, or being able to feel clean?

Don’t get me wrong, I am probably one of the greenest planet-loving folks you could ever hope to meet, but this is all an excuse in my mind to line the pockets of shareholders and company directors, I AND MY SON ARE FULLY ENTITLED TO ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO LIVE AS WELL even if it is just on the fringes.

It’s gotten horribly close now to whether I pay my bills, OR EAT!


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