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Explanation Of Meanstreet Meals Posts

Here is a general list of items that CAN be still bought very cheaply in the UK, ( as of June 2011 anyhow!)  especially from the likes of those pound shops and similar cheap outlets, it just takes a bit of looking around constantly whenever you are  out and about anyhow. If you keep even half of this lot in your storecupboard at all times, you shouldn’t ever go hungry, and even a “proper” weeks shopping can be dressed up to taste and look that bit nicer. These are all items that I try to keep at all times in my storecupboard, once you have them all in place, keeping them topped up as they run out is extremely easy and cheap to achieve!

Prices are the average out of what I have paid for these items in the last 6 months across various stores in the UK, often markdowns or offers.

This will be updated on a regular basis, as and when I remember bits!

For the record, there is absolutely nothing wrong in buying the cheap value items that I will list below, they are exactly the same as the so-called premium brands, just not so pretty sometimes, although quite a lot of the so-called value foodstuffs out there I have to admit I wouldn’t even feed to my animals, the ones below are items not even the money-grabbing supermarkets can get wrong!


cheap value spaghetti – £0.49 (500g)

cheap value pasta – £0.79 (500g)

cheap value rice –  £1.00 (1kg)

tomato puree – £0.69 (1 tube)

lemon juice – £0.35 (200ml)

cheap gravy powder – £0.59 (170g)

cheap mint sauce – £0.45 (180g)

brown sauce – £1.00 (730g)

ketchup – £1.00 (720g)

salt – £0.20 (25g)

pepper – £0.24 (25g)

stock/gravy cubes – £0.86 (pack of 12 cubes)

mixed herbs – £0.55 (7.5g)

soy sauce – £0.75 (150ml)

Tabasco Sauce – approx £1.99 for 57ml but you don’t need much of it at a time!


cheap mixed veg – £1.00 (1kg)

peas – £1.00 (1kg)

bread – £0.75 (family sized loaf)


Eggs – £1.00 (pack of 12)

Onions – £0.50 (pack of 4 or 5)

Potatoes – £0.75 ( 1kg)

Garlic – £0.40 (1 bulb)



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