MibsBlog’s Meanstreet Meals – Explanation

MibsBlog Meanstreet Meals Storecupboard Essentials

Ok folks, here I have decided to share with you all some ideas on what to eat on those days when you’ve been really good, paid the rent/mortgage and all the myriad ever-rising bills dutifully, and there simply wasn’t anything left to buy food with. I have lots of these hard times, as I am sure do a lot of people out there, hence I thought I’d share what I do, hopefully it’ll help someone out there!

These posts will start with some storecupboard essentials to make sure you always have around, these can ALL be bought very cheaply on a better cash week, and believe me, you will appreciate them when you need them!

Some will have pictures of the finished meal, and some won’t .

Although I am UK based, I am sure anything I suggest in these posts can be easily adapted to suit most places around the world, depending on your local produce availability and pricing, just use your imagination!

Yes, we would all love to eat lean steak often, fresh fish, and the interminable “five-a-day” that our beloved government keeps trying to brainwash us into, but there are weeks when this is simply not financially possible, and although I don’t recommend trying to actually live on these meal ideas long-term, most of them are actually quite tasty and all of them fill you up.

There will be NO notes on allergy requirements, gluten details nor calorie counting, I trust anyone on a special diet will already know how to work these out and what to avoid, these are purely and simply ways to stop the hunger when you have no money for a “proper” grocery shop!

If I appear to be teaching you to suck eggs as it were, then you don’t need the advice here, well done you!

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