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To Be Continued……. – Poem

To Be Continued…….


All day long

I’ve been playing a song

In my heart, especially for you

While you are far away

I am counting the days

Untill it is just we two


The wind is howling round the door

I don’t wanna be alone no more

Give me a sign, tell me it’s time

Finally, for us to shine


All night alone

My house is not a home

And I just don’t know what I would do

If you stayed away

What more can I say

My heart beats only for you


They say time is a great healer

But I say it’s naught but a stealer

Give me a sign, tell me it’s fate

Please tell me, it’s not too late


All my life

Through years of toil and strife

I’ve been waiting and hoping, it’s true

That one day you’d come

My way at a run

And our lives could start anew


Until the day our paths recross

Inside my heart I’ll hide the loss

That song I’ll play, though it be blue

Till then, to be continued…….


© Lynda MibsXX Johnson 2011 onwards



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