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The Things Folks Give Away – Why I Love Freecycle!

Today, I managed to become one very lucky bunny indeed, I was idly leafing through my emails and spotted an ad from our local Freecycle group for something I have been trying to win for ages. I say win, as it is an item on my wish list that is currently way out of reach for my meagre budget.

Now, I feel a little like a lottery winner!

It just goes to show that there IS good karma in life, all those rather expensive at the time toys, clothes and baby equipment that I gave away as BabyMibs was growing up have come back to me bigtime today!

Now all I need is some nice kind supermarket to send me some vouchers so I can actually put some food into it! ( cheeky I know, but you just never know!)

Else it’ll be some time yet before any food graces the shelves!

I kinda spent out with all the moving house costs!

Do spend some of these wintry evenings going through cupboards etc and clearing out what you have no use for anymore, obviously if you can make a little extra spending/bill money by selling then that’s a sensible thing to do, but don’t forget Freecycle, it’s a great way of passing on a little bit of karma, and you just never know, one day it could be YOU in need of something that’s just a bit out of reach!



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