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I Fought The Lawn….And The Lawn Won! MibsBlog Gardening Endeavours March 2012

Well, round one anyway!

Lesson no 1 in how to turn a field into a garden, first learn how to use the equipment you have just borrowed lol!

I started with a loan of a Rotivator, and after a day of attempting to do the job of transforming part of the back into a veggie/fruit plot, the lender of aforesaid came round to see how I was getting on and within seconds stated that I needed to strim down all the long grass first ( the rotivator kept getting snarled up in grass, reminding me strongly of my weed-hatch clearing days on the narrow boat!)

Off he went and reappeared with a huge heavy-duty petrol strimmer, and me being me decided to tackle ALL the grass with it whilst I had it!

Lesson no 2, learn your limitations, it’s been a long time since I used certain muscle groups, and boy, this lot wore me out completely, I don’t remember ever feeling so exhausted!

BUT, as hopefully you can see from the pics, the long grass is now pretty much tamed and ready for a normal lawnmower to cope with, ( and I can barely move!)

The dog isn’t a new addition to the Mibs family, he is my half-sister’s companion who came to visit us last week.

BabyMib’s showing off some raspberry canes that a kind Freecycler gave to us!

Above, the front MibsGym, sorry, lawn, after its extreme haircut, and below, Bill & Ben sporting their new blankets!

At least I got child labour for free! lol

In the war of the grass fields, there are casualties, especially when you let a Mibsy loose with a powerful strimmer that kept running away with me! At least mine were pretty enough to keep indoors for a bit!

And finally, the almost-cleared garden, with planted raspberry canes and a gooseberry bush, now to get the rest of the seedlings in, ( only another two days of rotivating to go……EEKKKKKKKKKK!)


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Meet My Son’s New Friends – Bill And Ben The Compost Men!

Ok, ok, I know, you are all STILL awaiting the pics of the new place…..I PROMISE I will complete that post tomorrow….

In the meantime, meet my son’s new friends Bill & Ben!

Bill & Ben Naked

Bill & Ben Naked

Ok, we decided they looked a bit boring, so borrowed some paint to cheer them up a bit! 

Bill & Ben Dressed

Bill & Ben Twilight

Bill & Ben Twilight

 But at least any would-be trespassers at night armed with a torch will be in for a bit of a shock!   Don’t forget folks, the great secret to successful composting is layers, moisture, air and warmth! 

Oh, and a scary set of teeth!

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MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – August 2011

Here I will try to share any money/time saving tips that I have found to be useful each month.

Do feel free to share yours also if you don’t mind me keeping the list updated!

( I will of course name you as the author of your tip!)



Home-Made Plant Food Ideas

Mixing finely crushed rinsed eggshells into your potting soil would give your houseplants a good boost. The eggshells are a good substitute for bonemeal.

If you have a fish tank, when you change the water in the tank, use the water you take out to water your plants. Your plants will love fish fertilizer!

A wonderful plant food is ordinary green tea. Dilute the tea with two gallons of water. You can use this every time you water. Plants love it.

Collect seaweed, wash off the salt, submerge in boiling water and allow to steep. Dilute it to make a weakish foliar feed. Spray plants once a week.

When you have leftover black coffee dilute it in a pail of water and use it to water tomatoes growing in pots or in the ground. It will give them a nitrogen boost.

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Random Pretty Weeds

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Random Purple Flower Power Pics

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Mibs Indoor Gardening Endeavours Part 7 – Mid July 2011

An update on our indoor progress!

Ever Sprouting Strawberry Plant

Main Strawberry Plant

The Amazing Recovery Of The Repotted Lily

These next were bought really cheaply ( battered packet) in Wilkinsons….. I wonder how they’ll do indoors!


New Pepper Plant Seedlings

And last but most definately not least is this Tamarillo Plant, I was given two of these by a very kind local Freecycler, and have to admit they are amazing beautiful plants (see here for more info)


Tamarillo Plant

 I found  THIS   useful article on my Tamarillo-Info-Hunting travels, initially the news doesn’t look promising, ( although the writer DOES agree that they are beautiful fruit BUT do read through the comments.. I shall be trying some of those recipe suggestions out myself, although the original writer’s comments DID make me smile lots!


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A Bugs Life – Does Anyone Know What This Is?

I discovered this ickle creature hiding in my potted potato plants…does anyone know what it is? Apologies for the blurry piccy, my camera’s not the best in the world, and the bug is about the size of a Ladybird.

A Bugs Life!


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