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R.I.P My Little Man – 4 Years Today – A Little Wish

Today should have been my little man Andre’s 4th Birthday,   (read about him here)  .

It’s incredible how this still feels like yesterday, yet also a lifetime away.

My one simple request in this very short post is for each and every one of YOU, dear readers, to hug someone close to you today, life is so very short and throws such unexpected curveballs so don’t waste any time in telling people close how you feel, or showing them that you really do care xxxxxx





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My Son’s Birthday

Yesterday was my little man’s 5th birthday. Wow, where DID all that time go? It only seems like yesterday that I gave birth to him in a cramped little bedsit, ( and anyone who says you forget the pain of childbirth is fibbing, believe me!)

 He seemed to go from the top picture, a tiny helpless little baby to the bottom one, a roughtie toughtie little man in no time at all!

It’s been a turbulent and kind of up-side-down five years, but finally we have gotten rid of our baggage and are now looking forward to a life filled with fun and laughter, and if all goes well next year, a whole lot of adventures!

 I for one am looking forward to watching my little man grow up without the upsets and disappointments he has had to endure, I think he will become a fine young man to be proud of!



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