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I personally am more reminded of the old Smash advert, with the laughing tin Martians whenever I see news on the Curiosity bot!
Saw the “lights in the sky” last night myself, and suspect it was a satellite or something crashing down..definately didn’t act like a meteor and “they” are good at not being totally honest with us ( maybe someone in the Middle East finally managed to attempt to nuke us?)
Who knows, but it was one heck of a good light show, and will provide rich fodder for great imaginations such as Kate’s, love the story Kate, brilliant imagery!

Kate Shrewsday

It appears man’s technology is not advancing quite fast enough.

Six weeks ago, the rover robot Curiosity made it to the surface of Mars. It was not a dead cert. There were many things which could have gone awry: but mankind in general and NASA in particular patted themselves on the back when the little robot made it.

What an achievement. Our man on Mars, taking pictures of that ethereal moon, Phobos, crossing the sun; strolling across the surface of the red planet and sending back holiday snaps.

It has not travelled far, however.

During its six week vacation – it landed August 6 –  it has trekked a vast 950 yards and now it has become extremely preoccupied with a rock.

I can see why. It’s a pretty shape.

A bit too pretty, if you ask me.

It is a creditable pyramid, in dark stone. According to the BBC

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Draconid Meteor Shower Expected Tonight

The End Of The World? Nah but should be an amazing sight!

Assuming the skies over the UK actually clear by this evening, if you are out and about between 8pm and 10pm BST, do take a few moments to glance upwards. With any luck, there should be a free “fireworks” display in the night sky, and apparently there should be an almost-full moon tonight as well to enjoy!

This will make it harder to see some of the meteors, but if we get the hundreds  of meteors per hour that are expected, then there should still be quite a display!

Some more info listed below for you:


Jodrell Bank


And for anyone with an interest in all things space or our beautiful planet, there are lots of useful links   HERE   for you to browse.



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Join The Meteor Shower Party Tonight Look To The Skies For Amazing UFO Show

If you are like me, and in these tight financial times cannot afford to go out on a Friday night anymore, why not treat yourself to a fantastic free light show?

Tonight is the night, clear skies permitting, that you can gaze upwards and see the amazing     Perseids Meteor Shower , I have added a link to Yahoo with more information for you.

So pour yourself a glass, and get outside and enjoy the sheer majesty and beauty and let all your worries subside for a time.


There are more wonders both from our beautiful world and from space on my   Earthwatch   post if you are interested.


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Strange Climatic Times Ahead?

Am I the only one wondering why there has been very little coverage of actual events occurring UK wide right now?

I have a lot of contacts across the UK, all of whom reported the same as I found with regards to the sheer amount of dust/dirt/sand appearing overnight on cars, gardens, roofs etc yesterday and today…

This odd heatwave didn’t actually occur here where I am in the naturally hottest part of the UK……

And loads of lightning strikes all on the same day??

AND an odd tidal surge??

And lots of us here in the South West are getting big static shocks from pretty much everything we touch today and this evening.

I know there have been a few volcanic eruptions lately, and that the Sun decided to wake up a bit and throw out an extra large sunspot, AND that we had yet another “near miss” with an asteroid, NONE OF WHICH CAN BE BLAMED ON GLOBAL WARMING although I’d be willing to bet someone somewhere WILL attach the blame to just that!

Not to mention here in the South West the skies have been behaving very oddly, with rolling fog this time of year that just wouldn’t clear all day, and some very strange looking evening skylines and sunsets.

BUT what really IS going on with all this crazy weather?

Somebody please enlighten me, or at least confirm that I am not going totally bonkers!


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No Lunar Lightshow….But A Really Pretty Sunset!


No fantastic Lunar display for me here, far too many clouds, but we DID get a lovely sunset!

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Anyone up for a Monster Raving Lunar Party Tonight?

I have just been trawling through the net catching up on todays news, and after noticing that the cloud-laden sky last night had gone a peculiar shade of pale red, found this bit of news that explains all and promises for a fantastic event to be glimpsed in our UK skies tonight!

Shamelessly quoted from ITV News:

A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon dark red tonight.

It doesn’t happen very often.

The last one was on August 6, 1971 and the next one will be 47 years from now in 2058.

Cloud-permitting it will be visible across much the UK shortly after sunset – approximately 9:15pm.

And a lot more detail on the event here from the Guardian

Methinks this will be well worth staying up and popping out to have a peek at, so, who’s up for a party then!

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And The Good News Keeps Rolling In. OBL, Rot In Pieces (via Tory Aardvark)

This is indeed a case of what goes around comes around, BUT, I do worry that there is a big risk that there will be an even more evil man waiting in the wings for just such an occasion, with fanatics such as these there always are others equally if not more so who would consider it an honour to both avenge their charismatic leader’s death AND continue the so-called work!
It also shames us slightly to be openly cheering his demise, no death is either good nor plaudable, no matter whose it may be, in my opinion this should NOT be “celebrated” as such, just a quiet nod, job done,dusting of hands and on to other matters!
( all of course accompanied by HUGE smiles inwardly!)

Rot In Pieces you nasty human being

And The Good News Keeps Rolling In. OBL, Rot In Pieces Well today will be one of those extra special days in many people’s lives as the fantastic news that Osama Bin Laden has finally been slotted by US special forces in a daring raid inside Pakistan. I am not sure there will be many in the civilised world that will be shedding many tears. Of course this will be a psychological blow to the … Read More

via Tory Aardvark

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