The Worlds Saddest Egg – An Easter Tale And A Lovely Remembrance

Am sat here, tired, and more than a little reflective, having just checked my emails before retiring to bed for the night, and finding a link to  THIS  in one of the mails.

It’s a sad tale of a lonely Easter Egg, in need of a good loving new home, and for me, a lovely way to remember a lost Angel. I too lost an   Angel   almost 4 years ago, and know all too well how awful that is, and the sad fact that almost no-one wants to talk about it leaves the parents in such a lonely place, just like that Easter Egg on eBay!

Do go and have a read, it WILL make you smile I promise, and if at all possible, forward a link to all your friends. Any money raised will be going to   SANDS  , a very worthwhile charity.

Thank you for reading this xxxxxxxx



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4 responses to “The Worlds Saddest Egg – An Easter Tale And A Lovely Remembrance

  1. mumsguidetoinsanity

    That is a lovely and touching post, your right not many feel comfortable talking about loss, specially of babies and children, but to the parents, its a loss they will forever feel in their hearts and never forget.
    So may all the little Angels be playing and watching out for their parents x
    I love this poem,
    An Angel from the Book of Life
    Wrote down my baby’s birth,
    And whispered as she closed the book
    “Too Beautiful for Earth”

  2. So sorry to hear about your angel x the sad egg is a sad story but for such a good cause I couldn’t help but bid x

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