Let’s Play Spot The Tractor -TractorTastic!

Typical, you wait days for a sighting of a single tractor, then 20 come along at once!

BabyMibs and I spotted this bunch whilst out on our travels today!


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4 responses to “Let’s Play Spot The Tractor -TractorTastic!

  1. a bunch of tractors, is that the colloquial term is it?? my grandson loooovvvess tractors!!

  2. Wow, i like the one with the green roof, must be a farmers protest, i don’t suppose this is in Norwich is it? it’s just Alan Partridge has come to mind

    • No, apparently it’s a local traditional Tractor Run, there were some real old beauties in amongst that lot, took me a few seconds to grab the camera so I missed a couple of the really nice ones! Shame it rained for them though!

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