Best of 2012 April Fools Gags

 These are just a few of the many April Fool’s gags worldwide this year, it’s heartening to note that despite all the tough times, companies and people can rally round to give us all a laugh!


The rather funny “BBC” end of the world gag


Peugeot’s Mood Paint colour changing car ( mine would always be red lol)


 Skype For String anyone?


Firebox’s DubStepladder


Sony launch the world’s smallest computer, the size of a coin!


Google’s very own self-driving NASCARS’s


 Honda’s new anti-theft negotiator device! ( this one is really funny!)


Hello Tosh, got a nice Shaped Toshiba Tablet?


A new Green Tax on Champagne!


Virgin launch trips to the centre of the Earth via your choice of volcano!


O2’s very long-lasting new phone…talk for 1,000 hours!


Hungry Hippos launched for iPad


Multi mouse functionality for your pc!


Arsenal launching a new Emirates Stadium fragrance! ( ewwk)


 Kodak’s range of “print your own” starting with live kittens!


Time-travel Timebar from Reddit!


Sending emails from your phone by Morse Code? Introducing Gmail Tap!


PC Multi-tasking the Google way!


Fancy 175 delivery trucks arriving at your home with films for you? See the YouTube Collection for further details


Anyone fancy a 42” iPad?


 Toshiba’s new 3D Monacle


 Happy Monday’s star to advise the UK Government? Lol


Police launch Hosepipe Amnesty


Lynx launch a super new spray app


Hopping Google Mapmakers new Google Street Roo anyone?!/2012/04/google-street-roo-exploring-outback-one.html


 Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head for iPad




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3 responses to “Best of 2012 April Fools Gags

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  2. Gaz

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