Mibsy’s Wishlist for 2012 – What Do YOU Wish For?

Well, 2011 turned out to be quite a year all round, I lost the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my days with, then met the man of my dreams, ( although he is sadly too far away to do anything about it!) and finally managed to move BabyMibs and myself into a much better place, better way of life, and a chance to actually get somewhere in life.

So it does seem a tad greedy of me, but there are a couple of extras that would just finish our plans off nicely that we are wishing for ( and comping like crazy to achieve!)

It’s lovely where we are, but seriously need a car, everything is so far away, which ordinarily isn’t a problem but when I want to visit auctions, ( making a few bucks on eBay quite happily at the moment) or simple weekly shopping ( the one local shop, handy though it is, is a tad expensive for everyday items)  and recently, hospital trips ( by car 1 1/2 hours drive away, by public transport, virtually all day)

I have also started a very small business making cards, and    this little baby    is now top of my gadget wish list !

It’ll make mass card-making a complete cinch, and could also sell cut-outs for other card makers made fast and simply with this!

Oh, and I have decided I’d like one more baby to complete my little family, but realise that wish might not be possible due to lack of available suitable dads in the vicinity!

So, Mibsy and BabyMibs are wishing and hoping for a nice prize-winning cheque to appear at our door very soon, ( doubt the bank are going to screw up in my favour and magically alter our balance by lots upwards!)

Just £4K would pay off all our outstanding debts, and set us up nicely in our new abode.

What would YOU wish for?

You never know, putting it down here might well bring all of us some fairy dust luck!



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3 responses to “Mibsy’s Wishlist for 2012 – What Do YOU Wish For?

  1. right next competition I see to win a dad I will email over to you 🙂
    know what you mean about buses to hospitals, my daughter is give or take 12 miles away from both hospitals grandson uses, but by bus one is approx 1.5 hrs away, the other the best part of 3 hrs….then back again as well, she struggles to keep a car on the road but as sometimes it feels like hospital is grandsons first home and home his second she really needs it.
    The biggest think that would change my life long term and give me a chance to get out of a rut would be a house, if I didnt have to pay rent I could do so much more. Just a modest 2 bed cottage in the country where I could have an allotment and keep chickens is all I wish for, dont even need to own it if you know of anybody that has one to let me live in rent free…..anyway next dream…..a years subscription to Bannatynes so I can go swimming every day…….oh and a medical cure for the grandson would be nice as well.
    good luck with your wish list

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