I Fought The Lawn….And The Lawn Won! MibsBlog Gardening Endeavours March 2012

Well, round one anyway!

Lesson no 1 in how to turn a field into a garden, first learn how to use the equipment you have just borrowed lol!

I started with a loan of a Rotivator, and after a day of attempting to do the job of transforming part of the back into a veggie/fruit plot, the lender of aforesaid came round to see how I was getting on and within seconds stated that I needed to strim down all the long grass first ( the rotivator kept getting snarled up in grass, reminding me strongly of my weed-hatch clearing days on the narrow boat!)

Off he went and reappeared with a huge heavy-duty petrol strimmer, and me being me decided to tackle ALL the grass with it whilst I had it!

Lesson no 2, learn your limitations, it’s been a long time since I used certain muscle groups, and boy, this lot wore me out completely, I don’t remember ever feeling so exhausted!

BUT, as hopefully you can see from the pics, the long grass is now pretty much tamed and ready for a normal lawnmower to cope with, ( and I can barely move!)

The dog isn’t a new addition to the Mibs family, he is my half-sister’s companion who came to visit us last week.

BabyMib’s showing off some raspberry canes that a kind Freecycler gave to us!

Above, the front MibsGym, sorry, lawn, after its extreme haircut, and below, Bill & Ben sporting their new blankets!

At least I got child labour for free! lol

In the war of the grass fields, there are casualties, especially when you let a Mibsy loose with a powerful strimmer that kept running away with me! At least mine were pretty enough to keep indoors for a bit!

And finally, the almost-cleared garden, with planted raspberry canes and a gooseberry bush, now to get the rest of the seedlings in, ( only another two days of rotivating to go……EEKKKKKKKKKK!)


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