Today’s Fab Charity Shop Bargain

Fab Bargain

Colour of Bargain Outfit

Went to a village charity shop sort of near to the new home, and spotted this for sale. It’s a knitted two piece, long dress and matching long cardigan from Principles, I reckon it would have originally been around £80 or so new, and has hardly been worn. The lady there said it was £10, which I didn’t have on me at the time ( banks are miles apart and few and far between here!)


Went back a couple of days later, dutifully armed with the requisite £10, after deciding it was indeed a bargain and if it was still there I was meant to have it, and not only was it there, a different lady charged me just £7!


One happy and now smartly and warmly dressed Mibsy!





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2 responses to “Today’s Fab Charity Shop Bargain

  1. Well done you got a good bargain,and hope you are both settling into your new home

    • Thank you, yes, we are settling in nicely now, sorted the house out, been tackling the garden this week, ( believe me that wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be!)
      Will be posting re the gardening exploits this weekend!

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