A Nostalgic Evening In – Hic!


For all those still awaiting the pics of the new house, they WILL be forthcoming very soon, I promise! I have finally recovered them from the dead hard-drive, but due to my ancient old PC taking a lifetime to upload pics, I shall do that post at the weekend, probably on Sunday evening once BabyMibs finally heads off to sleep!


You’d think on this auspicious “extra day” Leap Year week that I’d have been able to catch up with everything, but NO, not a chance, that day had just as few hours in it as every other!


This week has been one of many colours. I finally got the very last of the boxes and bags unpacked…resulting in a pile of stuff to   sell online   in order to finance my next venture…. making things from home to sell! ( I had no idea how much “stuff” you actually NEED in order to engage in the simple act of card making!)


BabyMibs and myself have also been busy planting lots and lots of every kind of seed for the garden that you can imagine..a whole post on that subject will follow! ( bearing in mind we now have half a field to populate., unlike the old place where we just had one row of pots!)


It’s now Friday night, I have neglected ( run out of time and energy) to do my FF’s, (twitter fans will know what that means), my comping prowess has waned somewhat due to swollen over-typed fingers, and instead have chosen to fire up some very old tracks from my nightclubbing youth days!


It’s great NOT to have to worry about annoying any neighbours….we don’t really have any!


SO, loud nostalgic music whacked up, a slightly tipsy Mibsy dancing barefoot around a huge house, and a lot of memories of the “good old days” flooding back.


Am I the only one who has these flashbacks, and conveniently forgets all the bad times there really were, how many times you’d manage to scrape just enough money together for the extortionate entry fee to whichever club it was you wanted to go to, leaving barely enough for one drink in the hope that some blokey would take pity on you and not only buy you a drink but also ask you to dance?


I haven’t actually heard some of these tracks for years, yet know each and every one of them inside out. ( see   HERE   if you really want a giggle!)


How many bands/acts out there today have come up with such imaginative titles as     “Bango To The Batmobile”    , “Jack To The Sound Of The Underground” , “The Funky Worm”   and   “Humanoid?”


Yes, I know, I am really showing my age now!


Interestingly, once when I was DJ’ing, I asked the audience what their favourite era’s were, and then,  what they liked in modern times…anyone liking music form the 50’s to the 70’s, simply didn’t like anything else unless it was of a similar style to their era, whereas us 80’s and 90’s “kids” seemed to have much more varied tastes through the ages.


I think my all-time favourite tunes way back when that hold the most nightclub outing memories for me have to be    Alexander O’Neal – Criticise,    Adonis – The Poke,   Beatmasters – Burn It Up   and Funky Worm – Hustle To The Music ( which had my 5 yr old in stitches!)


Oh, and does anyone remember the horrid ritual of the little black dress and handbag? All girls were obliged to wear a little black dress, and plonk their handbag in the middle of the dance floor, then dance tentatively around it , whilst the shiny-suited lads were supposed to form a line around them awaiting the nerve to ask one gal to dance?


The old rules were, the club would always play one slow dance at the end of the night, and if you hadn’t “pulled” someone to dance that one with, then you had failed! ( remember these?  Bird Of Paradise  and Songbird  ( is it just me or is it a total coincidence that the end-of-night tunes were all related to feathered fiends?)


Needless to say, my nightclub days fast waned when they decided to only play either disco or ballads. I went “underground” and discovered the delights of the Prodigy,     The Orb,    Shamen,     System 7   etc , (although I have never quite shaken off my secret love for   Lionel Richie’s Hello  the original stalker song lol , or   George Michael’s Careless Whisper! )


For me, songs are as good as photographs, they bring back little snapshots of memories. Play me almost any track from the 80’s, and I not only will most likely be able to name it, I’ll also know the lyrics, AND be able to tell you where I was and who with the first time I heard it! Yes, there were some sad moments, but there were also some great times!


What songs bring back memories for you?

Me off to prance around to the   Theme From S’Express   now! lol


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