Mibsy’s Back!

Well, that was a long and interesting couple of months!

Many thanks to those of you who stuck around and read the scheduled posts that cropped up now and then, your comments and visits are most appreciated.

And huge thanks both to a very special friend, and my parents, especially my mother, without any of whom this move would not have been possible.

I hope you all had a fabulous Xmas and a great New Year thus far, although hopefully not quite as eventful and full of upheaval as ours!

I have actually been back online properly for a couple of weeks now, but between life and hard-drive failures, have only now found the time and mental energy required to actually sit, relax and write something!

I DID actually invest in a mobile internet dongle thingymajig, as BT, despite managing to change and reconnect me within 8 hours of my giving notice a few years ago in a previous move, this time decided that it was going to take 6 long whole weeks to do the same here!

The only trouble was, the dongle decided that my own blog, here, where we are now, was an “adult” site, or as one friend put it, a “porno” site lol ( shut up Sunny). Another interesting yet frustrating problem with it was its’ constant insistence that I was going over my download allowance ( in 4 days I somehow managed to use a month’s worth of their “allowance”) Suffice to say that will forever remain a mystery to me, as I don’t download anything, I simply read emails, a couple of blogs and a few news stories, along with Facebook and Twitter occasionally.

I had intended to be all organised, and start afresh this year with the whole moving saga in order, along with whatever tales cropped up on the way, but thanks to the hard-drive waving bye-bye and recovery of data taking a wee while longer than I anticipated, and time ticking on as it is, you’ll be getting dribs and drabs in no particular order over the next few days ( read week lol), it was either do it this way, or else I probably wouldn’t write again here at all!

I have an annoying nature where I like to be precise and orderly, too much so at times, and was in danger of giving up, so here I am and you’ll get the posts as they appear!



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4 responses to “Mibsy’s Back!

  1. Richard Rawsthorn

    Who is Mibsy? Where is Mibsy? The photos could be from my home country, England, but the house at then top of your home page definitely isn’t!

    I found you website when, in an idle moment, I typed the name of my 17hh Irish mare into Google. She’s called Mibsy and I had thought her name was unique.

    • Lol, good to know I am in such esteemed company!
      Mibsy is me, due to my email addy being MibDragonsInc etc, it got shortened years ago to Mibs and Mibsy, and has stuck since!

  2. nice to have you back hun (((hugs)))

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