Black Mirror

Tonight, I have just watched the second instalment of    Channel Four’s Black Mirror Trilogy   and I have to say, this time after eagerly awaiting a mini-series, I have not thus far been disappointed.

This series should have been called Close Mirror, shortly after the first episode was aired last Sunday, which involved a Prime Minister having to go the extra mile for his country, shall we say ( I won’t give the game away in case you haven’t yet seen it), our very own Mr Cameron actually stood up to the Euro Bullies and said “NO”. Although in real life I rather suspect that was all for show and there will be some kind of deal brokered behind the scenes quietly!

Exactly WHAT lengths would our beloved Government go to in the name of Queen and Country?

Oink Oink tee hee!

This week’s episode was shown directly after the X Factor Finale, (which I didn’t watch BTW), and proved to be an all-too-close depiction of our modern electronic lives, with strong echoes of Farenheit 451.  I particularly liked the “hamsters on treadmills” vs the “elite few” analogy.  Again, I won’t say too much so as not to spoil it for those who haven’t as yet seen it, but it does make me wonder about all these technological marvels that we all “must have”.

 The internet is a fantastic place, the whole world and its’ libraries at our fingertips, BUT it’s not a substitute for real life.  I so hate this whole “must be in touch at all times” or “must-have this and that” culture that we appear to have now, tis nice to switch off all devices and just chill in the real world with nature and real people now and then.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what we have access to nowadays, but I simply won’t get into debt purely to own whatever the next in-thing is, then get stressed about it, nor will I let go completely of so-called old-fashioned ideas and things. What would we all do IF for instance, all power simply went off tonight?

Good grief, can you imagine the sheer stress that would cause ( not in the least to any comping duckies at Advent time lol), the chaos amongst the “youth” and the inability for most businesses to manage. We rely far too much on the “ethereal” and need to get a lot more grounded in the real also.

Balance, that’s what we are all lacking, I don’t know if that was the exact message that the makers of Black Mirror were meaning to convey, but that’s the over-riding one I have taken away with me!

Do go watch it, highly recommended, and do remember, it’s not real, honest!


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  1. I watched it last night too. It was sweet that Brooker and Haq wrote it together. Who knew a Blue Peter presenter could be so subversive! : ) The 1st episode knocked me for six. This 2nd one, the ending made me a little sad. But it was probably more realistic that way. Excellent TV though, I didn’t watch any of X-factor either, I get all those shows mixed up to be honest!

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