I Am SOOOO Angry At The Fatcats In This World!?!

After reading my friends’ blog posts, I am absolutely furious.    ANOTHER RADIO 4 RANT    , where she vents quite rightly about a radio program where a “panel” reckoned money cannot buy you happiness, ( yeah right, THEY I am sure don’t have to choose between food and heat each week),  and her follow-up one here  …. I FEEL LIKE I AM SWIMMING IN CUSTARD  , where she describes a situation I am sure most of us will sympathise with right now, no matter how thrifty you are or how many extra layers you put on, you cannot win. The more you “save” or skimp on, the higher the costs for the little you do use go!

I have been following another friends’ blog with a great deal of interest lately, he has come up with several great posts, two of which are;   THE GIFT OF FUEL AND FOOD POVERTY  ,   and  CLIMATE CHANGE POLICIES CAUSE FUEL POVERTY  , ( do check him out, I have only ever disagreed with one of his posts, he makes total sense most of the time!)

How DARE the UK Government keep bleating on one hand that “we are all in this together”, when we blatantly are NOT. The bills for THEIR multiple homes are paid for BY US. They say we all have to tighten our belts, it’s all for our own good in the long-term, etc. If that is the case, then why oh why are we STILL donating mega amounts of cash abroad? I was always taught that charity begins at home, the British public is extremely charitable when we need to be, all on our own, we do NOT need to be forced into it. IF we are all feeling a bit more wealthy, then no doubt we will donate more, ALL BY OURSELVES.

And I am SO sick of the greedy utility companies constantly bleating about their rising wholesale costs, repair bills, taxes, you name it, they invent it, then seeing their quarterly PROFIT statements rising ever higher. Now correct me if I am wrong here, but aren’t profits listed AFTER outgoings?

And if all these so-called “Green” taxes are supposed to be helping our environment, then what exactly are they being spent on?

Is there some huge “air cleaning machine” somewhere out there that we don’t know about yet?

And please, don’t anyone dare tell me it goes on alternative energy, because with all the subsidies that those companies get paid they are NOT real alternatives they are more profit-making (and environment destroying) devices.

It really wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it comes out in a few years time that all these so-called “green” government ministers also had huge shareholds in these “wonderful” new schemes that we are forced to pay for whilst we go without heating, lights, and in far too many cases these days, food!

Do these suited, well-heeled clowns actually KNOW or care that our own old folk, many of whom fought for our country in years gone by, will most likely die this winter, AGAIN?

Do they know or care that far too many people who are already on the bread-line will simply get forgotten and end up on the streets, purely because their meagre incomes cannot keep up with the rising costs?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for fair taxes and paying our way BUT PLEASE politicians, you are leaching the lifeblood from our country mainly from those who do the hardest work and can ill afford the relentless hits!

Going back to my friends’ post on the radio show, yes, I am afraid money CAN buy you happiness, it can sure take the stress out of everyday life, allow for a few treats like a hot meal now and then, and make you feel secure, if only in your home and basic living standards, but hey, isn’t that something else our government keeps insisting on as well, somewhat contradictorially? Eat well, live well?

Let us keep just a little bit more of our hard-earned and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to do just that!



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3 responses to “I Am SOOOO Angry At The Fatcats In This World!?!

  1. I want a wintry back ground like this but blogger dont seem to be doing them

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