My Little Boy + A Visit To The Docs = One Big Disaster!

Yesterday, I had to go to the Docs, should have been a fairly routine appointment, and the earliest time I could get seen was at 5pm, so BabyMibs of course had to go with me. Guess who discovered leaving his fingers in self-closing doors wasn’t a great move, right in front of both myself AND the Doctor!

Literally in a split second and one split fingernail later my son totally stole the show as it were, to his credit he was very brave about it all, and was proudly showing off his bandage to all his classmates this morning!

At least he picked a great place in which to try a stunt like this.

I am so NOT looking forward to whatever his teenage years are going to bring, although I am predicting at least one broken limb through his daredevil activities at some point!

And trust me, the sad face below was him simply posing for the camera, he couldn’t stop giggling soon after!


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One response to “My Little Boy + A Visit To The Docs = One Big Disaster!

  1. Awww poor babymibs and poor you (sorry did laugh that he did it at the doctors though).

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