More Money Grabbing Madness

I am sitting here watching the news in a near state of total disbelief.

It has ended with the news that our “beloved” government is actually going to put people’s lives at risk and go ahead with the closure of eight key-placed and much-needed Coastguard Stations around the UK   ( news here )

They also intend on repeating the same mistakes they made at OUR expense with the centralised Fire and Police Control Centres, that got built, furnished then abandoned after MILLIONS was wasted on them, by doing the same thing all over again with the Coastguard service.

I wonder if they’d be so quick to do this if they didn’t have the salary/back-up for THEIR family should they need it?

What has incensed me beyond measure was the first part of the news… with reference to this self-same government wanting even MORE money from our pockets     (news here)   for themselves.

Apparently, having more than a decent salary each, and being able to claim for even a kitchen sink on their expenses sheets on top of their wages, not to mention all those tasty kick-backs ( just read anything on the climate/so-called Green energy debates  HERE  ) simply isn’t enough for them anymore.

Once upon a time I honestly believed that MP’s were there to serve the people who voted for them, who actually cared about their country and wanted to make a difference. This was some time ago. From what I have seen in the last 30 odd years, they simply wish to line their own pockets in any way they can. Do any of them care that tonight for instance, due to the ridiculously rising costs of household utilities, not to mention food prices, I actually had to choose NOT to have a hot meal?

My money goes on the rent once a week, and what is left gets divided into 7 equal portions, then each day’s worth gets broken down again into gas, water, electricity, food etc.

There was nothing reduced in any of the five supermarkets I walked around today, over a period of 3 hours, ( there are so few where I am), and for me to have paid “full-price” for anything edible, it would have meant not enough change left over with which to cook whatever I had chosen!

Yes, I am one of the lower end of the scale, but HELLO Dear Government, there is an ever-increasing number of folks just like me out there, we actually DO try to do our bit, and STILL get financially stamped on every time one of you makes a grand decision over your glass of champagne in your fancy restaurant.

Maybe if we didn’t collectively have to pay so much for YOUR lifestyles, we’d actually be able to get by!

With the other recent news regarding the so-called Industry Fat Cats getting huge salaries, I cannot help thinking we’d all be better off in the UK if we fired ALL government ministers and simply hired the best brains in industry to run the various departments instead!

At least those guys shouldn’t feel the need to steal from us!


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