A Random Day…And Random Thoughts….

Well, today BabyMibs and myself found ourselves in what SHOULD have been an idyllic UK rural retreat of a town…I won’t name and shame here BUT……….

Give me a break, we go out to find out about the area and schools, and shopping facilities…………given that we are seeking to completely relocate lock stock and all, to find ourselves right smack bang in the middle of my personal idea of hell. I hate crowds and am NOT a fan of shopping at the best of times!

Two stages set up on the high street, apparently devoted to three X-Factor ex wannabes imminent arrival in town, complete with around 60 burly looking security guards, who the heck do these folks think they are for crying out loud?

All to turn on some Christmas Lights that were actually already on!

No way of actually maneuvering around them, nor of avoiding the seemingly hundreds of folks who seemed to be blindly driven towards those “lucky” few who  managed their five minutes of fame in the public spotlight once!

Don’t get me wrong, as a one-time Karaoke Host, I do know how important it is to some folks to have their five minutes, BUT…………… when it prevents me from getting a few simple steps from A to B without encountering the kind of entourage that would put Madonna to shame then I have a problem!

Also, the number of local folks here who seem to feel that it is perfectly OK to allow their dogs to poop literally everywhere, simply beggars belief.

Back to house hunting, maybe somewhere just a little further off the beaten track next time!



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