What Is Love?

What is love?

After a long trip today, during which I had ample time to reflect on life, the universe and everything, I began pondering this very thing.

This is a question that I suspect has been asked over time and  again, probably ever since Adam tempted Eve with that apple. There have been countless thousands and more of poems, books, theories and songs devoted to purely this subject, yet the answer seems to elude most of us. You’d think with such a world-wide wealth of experience in mankind, that by now we might have grasped the basics even, but apparently not.  All I know is what I personally have experienced, and the way my rather strange mind has perceived the phenomenon.

It’s not an area I have had a great deal of luck with overall, so far in my life.  I have had the honour of meeting a lot of people in my life, and out of the possible male matches there has always been something missing,  although trying to quantify that “something” is proving to be somewhat of a problem!

What exactly IS love?

Is it that rush you feel when you lock eyes across a crowded room?

The feeling of belonging together when you find yourselves finishing each other’s sentences, the fact you both love the same shows from childhood?

Or is it more of that comfy pair of old slippers feeling, where you feel as though you belong together, or indeed feel like you have been together forever, even if in actuality you have only just met?

So, what ARE you supposed to do when you finally find that true soul-mate, that one person where everything just fits so well?

What if you meet someone, who ticks every single box, the locking of eyes rush, the comfy slippers feeling, the shared likes and dislikes,  the thought that THIS is the man who should father your children, whom you can actually picture growing old with?

Do you do what I usually do and run like the wind in the opposite direction, or do you face it head-on and see what comes out at the other end?

I personally have a really bad habit of pushing people away, figuring if they really ARE the ONE then they’ll stick around through thick and thin. Ergo, I am over 40 and single still lol!

My longest relationship so far was with BabyMib’s Dad, which proved to be an unmitigated disaster, the guy was a serial cheater and heartbreaker, although upon reflection I never really loved the man, just what he represented. Someone who stuck it through, although for his own agenda.  To him, I represented a relatively easy roof over his head, free board and lodging so to speak, god knows he cost me a fortune financially.

So, back to the current dilemma, meeting most likely Mr Right and how to handle it. Right now, I don’t have a clue, and am more than a little bit scared.

The old chestnut, what if it all goes wrong?

Life is full of “what if’s”, and as my ma & pa pointed out to me recently, also full of regrets if you’re not careful, so I think I might well take a leap of faith and risk getting hurt just one more time.

Watch this space for further updates in the MibsBlog ” Oh My God What Am I Doing” journey!


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5 responses to “What Is Love?

  1. http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/ – It’s a cheesy URL but the guy is sincere, google him and you’ll see. A friend of mine invited me along to a free seminar in London and it was seriously fascinating stuff! http://www.meetup.com/Understanding-the-male-mind/events/37171672/

    It didn’t cost me a penny either. It’s a good place to start if you are starting over and want a confidence boost to set you off on the right track.

    Good love in my opinion is about valuing yourself first and foremost before you do anything else! Having total self-worth and liking yourself. Can’t stress that enough. Loving yourself attracts healthy relationships and bonds to you.

    If you can’t get to London ( I’m sure they’ll run the seminar again) there is quite a bit of online content you can hear if you Google him and what he does : )

    All good souls deserve to be loved and cherished. Get yourself out there feeling good about yourself and you’ll send out the right vibes to a man who’ll want to get to know you : ) It’s exciting you want to do this. Be positive! Good luck, Yasmin xx

  2. my apologies to your pc….and lol at sounding like your mother….must be an age thing….or (bitter) expereince!!

    some nights it would be nice to be lonely….can watch what I want on tv, can switch it off if I want to, can have an early night and not get disturbed 2 hrs later when he comes to bed and makes enough noise to waken the dead….but then the grass is always greener as they say…and yes I know where your coming from hun….

  3. your relation with babyMibs’ dad was not a total waste, you have the most precious thing on this planet because of it…..BabyMibs!! The love of your life the one person you would lay down your life for, and would readily kill anyone who would harm a hair on his head……he loves you unconditional(as you him) so it wasnt all a bad experience.
    I also feel (ok Im married and quite like the old slippers Im married to though some days I could cheerfully throttle him) that being married or in a relationship is not all its cracked up to be. If you are single and pottering along then why worry about having “the other half”. Personally I think if you can love yourself and be happy single then why worry about it. (and generally once that happens along comes a relationship cos you are more comfortable and confident in your own skin and that reflects on everything you are and do). Love yourself and to hang with the rest of the world hun…..xx

    • Lol, the first part of your reply had me sitting here saying ” yes mother” several times over, then I got to the “throttle” bit and almost killed my old PC with coffee spluttered all over the poor wee beastie!

      As for the rest, yes, I know, we don’t NEED someone else in our lives, BUT life can get very lonely at times!

      I shall keep you all updated as to how everything goes!

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