Thieving Cats, Strange Phone Calls And A Cheeky Ex – Phew What A Week

I thought I may as well start with something amusing that I found whilst idly browsing!

Well, what a week that was, culminating in my cat deciding to steal my dinner this evening!

Before anyone wonders why, yes, he does indeed get fed, and often….my son and the pets do very well, it’s just me that does without in order to keep the rest going, and tonight after two days of not very much to eat at all, I was looking forward to a nice dinner of a jacket potato, some spam, cheese and a few baked beans.

The along came the cat, and with lightning speed, grabbed the first piece of meat I have seen for weeks and legged it out of the window!

He at least is easily dealt with…unlike the problem we had earlier!

Last Thursday was my little boy’s birthday, and after paying all the necessary bills out, I had the grand total of £7 left with which to make his day as special as I could. Originally I had wanted to throw him a proper party, but as his Dad had other ideas and left us in quite a bad financial situation, this was a no-go this year. I had already decided that shopping this week was out of the question, and set to acquiring the nicest chocolate cake I could find, and planned a lovely couple of hours after school with him just playing and having fun. He had even invited a couple of friends from school to come around. And then, out of no-where on the morning of his big day, his Dad appeared without warning, demanding to see him and angry that he was in school!

Where on earth did he think his son was going to be for crying out loud?

And what was wrong with picking up the phone to call first and check whether it was ok to visit?

I reluctantly agreed to let him come and see BabyMibs, which I now regret immensely. We have had no contact for months then he decides to come and almost ruin our special day just to make himself feel better. What made it a whole lot worse were the ensuing phone calls almost all day and night from his new OH, it would appear she does not trust him one little bit, ( what a surprise) and what the postman delivered that morning defied belief, cards to MY SON from a woman he has never heard of let alone met AND from her family also!?!

He couldn’t even stick to the time we had agreed to and arrived almost an hour late, which put something of a dampener on the rest of our plans. Along with my decision to cancel the friends’ appearance, ( too many wagging tongues in BabyMib’s school), and the almost complete disinterest in his son’s latest achievements, the day ended on quite a low note, Dad even refused to stay long enough to tuck BabyMibs into bed and read his goodnight story. Instead I got to spend a further two hours going over all the old ground my son and I had gone over and put to rest months ago.

No thought to ask how we were doing, just tales of how badly HE is doing!

What IS it with absent fathers who show virtually no interest in their kids when they ARE around suddenly getting sentimental once they do the decent thing and disappear?

Newsflash, my dear EX, we don’t care, we have been a whole lot happier since your departure, we have actually, upon occasion recently been able to afford to actually go out and have some fun, now we don’t have the millstone around our necks anymore!

Righty oh, rant over, back to packing and planning xxx






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3 responses to “Thieving Cats, Strange Phone Calls And A Cheeky Ex – Phew What A Week

  1. Always here for you hun. Sorry the @@@@ ruined little mibs day. My dad was the same! saw him about five times when I was little and it was always about him him him! Fathers that run off seem to think their kids owe them not the other way around!

  2. Oh, Mibs, really sorry to hear how your careful plans were derailed. Hope you and your son have had a chance to celebrate over a nice piece of chocolate cake since…

    • Yes, we had a second attempt today….am still just so annoyed, the man never showed any real interest before, and seems to want him as some kind of “trophy” now. It’s a good job we are going away for Christmas!

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