My Son’s Birthday

Yesterday was my little man’s 5th birthday. Wow, where DID all that time go? It only seems like yesterday that I gave birth to him in a cramped little bedsit, ( and anyone who says you forget the pain of childbirth is fibbing, believe me!)

 He seemed to go from the top picture, a tiny helpless little baby to the bottom one, a roughtie toughtie little man in no time at all!

It’s been a turbulent and kind of up-side-down five years, but finally we have gotten rid of our baggage and are now looking forward to a life filled with fun and laughter, and if all goes well next year, a whole lot of adventures!

 I for one am looking forward to watching my little man grow up without the upsets and disappointments he has had to endure, I think he will become a fine young man to be proud of!




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3 responses to “My Son’s Birthday

  1. lol, that sounds about right! xx

  2. Happy 5th Birthday BabyMibs! I’ve enjoyed reading about you in your mum’s blog : ) I wish you lovely, exciting things as you grow up! xx

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