Is That A Large Rock In Your Spacesuit…….

Or are you just pleased to see me!


 Well, apparently we suffered another very near miss tonight, which gives me yet another excuse to put what’s left of my life into perspective and re-evaluate what is really important to me. This is always a useful exercise, it helps one to stay fresh in thoughts, ideas and plans, and forces you to look ahead as opposed to dwelling in past mistakes.

Some things in life are inevitable, and some are avoidable, the same as these asteroids, only I feel we do have slightly more control over these events in our lives. It’s just a small matter of perspective, outlook and lessons learned.

I for one am recovering from one of the biggest mistakes I nearly ever made, and happily learning that life can be oh so good, if you just relax and give it a chance to flourish.







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2 responses to “Is That A Large Rock In Your Spacesuit…….

  1. Yes if work is becoming more tedious than it has a right to be its always nice to think how the boss would react if a large lump of rock took out the office…

    • oh yes, there have been quite a few jobs AND people in my life where such an event would have brought nothing but mirth from me ( and I am usually SO good natured!) tee hee

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