OMG Crazy Lady Is At It Again! – Children In Need

Do you lot remember the crazy internet stunt to raise vital funds for the RNLI involving an innocent salmon being sauna-ed in a dishwasher?

Well, the   FishyDishyCookery   nutter has been let loose again, gawd help us, in the form of   a   sponsored #Botathon on Twitter in aid of Save The Children

You really have to go read this post to believe it, and believe me, once you do you’ll be as hooked as all us fishies were to the previous mad stunt!

From what I can make out, this mad lovely woman is going to attract all sorts of attention on the 11th November, and all in a great cause!

 Way to go crazy lady, and here’s to us all raising a glass or three at a resounding success of pulling oddball Twitter bots!


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