A Nice Week Off With My Favourite Man

This week has been half-term, our first one yet, and what an interesting week this has turned out to be!

In light of recent events in our lives, I decided we were to have a huge clear-out of all things not used, not needed, broken, kept ” just in case” or purely bad memory invoking. This led to a huge sort-out of BabyMib’s bedroom, on the promise that if he was good and got rid of his “baby” toys, Father Christmas might bring him some more grown-up toys to play with soon!

He was actually quite good at getting rid of about 1/3rd of his possessions, I managed to clear out quite a few cupboards, and even got around to finally saying goodbye to a ghost from the past, read      “out with the old”    here if you fancy a laugh!

Then there came the dilemma of just what to do during a school holiday with a budget of zilch!

The weather assisted here greatly, on the nicer days we simply walked a lot, went to the seaside and played on the sands, visited the local free parks and attractions, and on the bad weather days BabyMibs proclaimed puddle-splashing to be his favourite activity!

Another fun activity was the school home-work list, which kept us busy for a little while at least, and my little angel came up with his best stick-picture yet, see below, apparently Mummy and him,awwwwwwwww.

NOW, off to sort out the myriad bits and bobs he’ll be needing to return back to school in style… let’s hope his reasonably good behaviour continues into the classroom! lol

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  1. Jumping in puddles is so much fun, I still do it!

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