Never Doubt A Vet – Joke

Never Doubt A Vet

A woman takes a duck to a Vet. The Vet says, “I am sorry, but your duck is dead.”

 The woman asks, “are you sure? “

“Yes”, says the Vet.

“How can you be sure because you’ve done no tests?” replied the woman.

So the Vet brings in a labrador retriever which sniffs the duck and shakes his head. Next, a cat which sniffs the bird and shakes its head. The  Vet says, ” again, I am sorry, but as I said your duck is dead”. 

He then hands the  woman a bill. She cries “£820 to tell me my duck is dead!”

The Vet replied; ” If you had taken my word for it the bill would have been just £20 but Lab Reports and Cat Scans cost extra”


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