MibsBlog Meanstreet Meals – Pizza Toast

Pizza Toast
For those “too long till payday” nights when you really fancy a pizza!
per person
2 slices of bread
some tomato puree (ketchup will do in a pinch)
a few pieces of chopped or “ringed” raw onion
2 slices of tomato
Enough thinly sliced cheese to cover each slice of bread
a sprinkle of black pepper if desired
Toast the two slices of bread
Using a knife, smear the tomato puree or ketchup evenly over the bread, add some onion pieces, two slices of tomato and cover with the cheese slices.
Either pop back under the grill untill the cheese has melted to your preference, or pop into a microwave for a short time, again untill the cheese has melted to your preference.
Add some black pepper if desired, and enjoy!
Do remember that hot cheese can burn your mouth though, unlike me who got a blister recently due to my impatience!
Cooking Time – No longer than 10 minutes in total
Cost – approx 42p per person  
You can play around with the toppings as much as you like, I have made this with sliced cold sausage, cooked bacon pieces, leftover chicken, tuna, pretty much any pizza topping will work, and if you have uncut “doorstep” bread, that works even better!

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