My Bargain Shopping Today


Spam Spam Spam

Spam BOGOF – priced at a whopping £1.59 each in Spar so still a bit pricey methinks BUT I do like the stuff! Get your own BOGOF voucher  HERE ON FACEBOOK  , simply like them and click the spam voucher link on the left,   but hurry, I think it’s limited numbers!

If you can’t print one off, scroll further down and you’ll find a request by post bit once you fill out the error message ( I said I don’t have a printer and put N/A in the boxes)

Yummy scrummy

 My local Spar is still doing 4 cans of Heinz Chicken Noodle Soup for £1, a real bargain here, they were also doing a deal on 2 squeezy bottles of Heinz Ketchup, I didn’t get any as have lots already!

Two loaves, sadly no fishies!


A small local shop had 2 loaves going out of date tomorrow for 50p each! – I have a freezer so that’s a great deal, I would have bought more but these 2 are all they had!

It certainly pays to stalk quickly around ALL foodie shops that you walk past when out on your travels, with practice you’ll find the mark-down sections easily.

Lovely jubbly
Lovely jubbly


Martin McColls are doing Baxters soup cans for 27p each, plenty of date on them and I can report the soup is very tasty and filling, despite my initial reservations at the “green” bit!


Nice threesome here
Nice threesome here

At my local greengrocer – these packs of three peppers were priced at 80p, I got this pack reduced to 20p simply by asking as in this particular pack the yellow pepper has a tiny patch that needs cutting out!

Never be afraid to ask for a discount!

The rest of the peppers, and indeed the yellow one once the tiny patch was cut out, are nice and fresh and crunchy!


For more great bargains and information, do pop over to  eatingonapound  blog, regular updates on what is on sale where, hints and tips to save you money, AND a fab Win A Hamper Competition currently running!



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3 responses to “My Bargain Shopping Today

  1. soup and bread for tea tonight then Lynda…nice one

  2. Well done Mibs some lovely bargains there 🙂

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