Am having an ARGHHHHHHHHHH Day!

After what was possibly the third worst week of my entire life so far, this morning, although fairly disastrous, left me in fits of laughter…..eventually!

Cue being woken up at some ridiculously early hour, 5am’ish, by BabyMibs frantically pulling my hair and asking me to come fast, he needed help.

Up I get in a bedraggled half-asleep semi-crawl, to be dragged off to the bathroom where a white-draped scene worthy of an Andrex puppy greeted me. Not only had BabyMibs decorated the entire room in toilet paper, he had also managed to put so much of it into the toilet that every time he had tried to flush it away, it had simply blocked and continued to fill the bowl!

I would have taken a picture to show you all, but the discovery of my camera inside the toilet bowl when applying the plunger kind of put paid to that idea!

Apparently, BabyMibs had “done a big one” and wished to take a photo to show me!

After almost an hour of clearing up, and consoling an upset child who was “weely weely sorry mommy”, I finally got to sit down and try to wake up with a cup of coffee.

I had already cleaned BabyMibs up and settled him down with his breakfast, and thought that would be the last of the day’s surprises. In an attempt to cheer myself up a bit, I then decided to paint my toenails, as you do.

Then, amidst the peaceful sounds of Thomas engines whirring in the corridor, there came a loud plaintive wailing noise, closely followed by a small purring furry thing deciding TO SIT ON MY NEWLY PAINTED TOES!

Given that someone recently marketed a new Crackle nail polish, I wonder if there is a market for the tarred and feathered look somewhere?

The cat has since decided to make it his day’s work to follow me absolutely EVERYWHERE, literally throwing himself at my feet wherever I go. Even when I eventually decided to hide back under the bedclothes, he sat on where he thought my head was!

Right now there is a cacophony of noise from the two budgies, who are currently fighting over TWO sticks of millet, they have one each but seem to prefer each other’s stick to their own. The cat simply won’t stop mewling and pestering me. The weather outside has gone from slightly breezy to downright gale force, having already slammed two of our windows closed and almost stripping the washing from the line. And BabyMibs has found his train whistle ( thanks Mommy Dearest) and is running around the house at full pelt blowing that shrill piece of plastic torture to his heart’s content!

I feel as though I have a hangover and had a late night, when in actual fact the house is currently, sadly, alcohol free and I went to bed exhausted at around 10pm last night!

I await the rest of the day’s adventures with bated breath and finger’s crossed!



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2 responses to “Am having an ARGHHHHHHHHHH Day!

  1. sorry Lynda you made me laugh with this, can see the toes now, like something out of Lord of the rings!! shame he didnt flush his whistle down the loo!! Remember this day cos one day you may wish to buy a whistle for his son/daughter as revenge Us grandparents love to buy things for our wonderful offsprings children to get back at them for days like this

    • still got the toes tee hee, have run out of nail varnish remover untill i get to shops tomorrow!
      And yes, I must have been a really BAD child cos almost every gift Mommy Dearest has given my ickle angel has been a very noisy one!
      Littleun surprised and impressed me just before bedtime..he sat and did all his homework, properly, off his own back AND actually read the words in his latest book!
      How proud am I now!

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