Draconid Meteor Shower Expected Tonight

The End Of The World? Nah but should be an amazing sight!

Assuming the skies over the UK actually clear by this evening, if you are out and about between 8pm and 10pm BST, do take a few moments to glance upwards. With any luck, there should be a free “fireworks” display in the night sky, and apparently there should be an almost-full moon tonight as well to enjoy!

This will make it harder to see some of the meteors, but if we get the hundreds  of meteors per hour that are expected, then there should still be quite a display!

Some more info listed below for you:



Jodrell Bank


And for anyone with an interest in all things space or our beautiful planet, there are lots of useful links   HERE   for you to browse.




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2 responses to “Draconid Meteor Shower Expected Tonight

  1. Fantastic heads-up, Mibs, thanks…. I can’t help having John Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids playing in the back of my mind 😀 I have a gothic imagination…

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