What a nice end to a crap week!

World Tipped Up-Side Down


Well, what can I say?

This week has been a little strange to say the very least. Imagine if you will that our lives are set in little bubbles inside, for instance, a paperweight, the snowshaker kind.

Add an external factor that sticks like glue until the financial doom and gloom really starts to bite hard……then grabs that snowshaker, shakes it really hard and upends it……….that’s the week we’ve had. Those of you who know me well will know exactly what I am talking about, others, well, maybe I will write about it one day, right now it’s all a bit raw still to be honest.

Ultimately I know this is a “GOOD THING” but it’s taking my heart a wee bit longer to catch on to that way of thinking!

Incredibly, today, my luck seems to be turning as I have had two wins, small ones mind you but still wins nonetheless. I have won a free Ross Burgers Voucher AND some free samples of Echo Falls Spritz in cans!

Food and vino, what more could a girl want!

All I need now is for that big fat prize-winning cheque to flutter to a standstill on my doormat tomorrow so I can make the snowshaker piccie below come true!

They say luck comes in threes!

(or some gorgeous farmer type to want to marry me!)

I know, wishful thinking…but if you don’t have dreams……. x


Our Brave New World……One Day Soon!


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5 responses to “What a nice end to a crap week!

  1. good luck with win number 3, I had 2 small ones this week as well, a dvd and 2 tickets to craft show

  2. Nice to see you’ve had a couple of wins hun, big hugs.

  3. Terry


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