A Lesson From Mother Nature – Never Stand Still And Don’t Give Up Your Dreams!

Poignant Image

I found this in my email inbox today, such a sad image in many ways, but also, for me anyhow, shows how inextricably linked to Mother Nature we are.

It brings to my mind many questions, did someone get lost in the woods, never to return?

Was it left there in hopes of some romantic tryst that was never kept?

Did the owner lean it against that tree so many years before, and meet an untimely end, therefore forever unable to collect their transport?

I think it reminds us how frail our hopes and dreams really are, we should all live our lives day by day to the full. Life can throw such curveballs and you never ever know what is just around the corner. Mother Nature will always triumph in the end, her “cycle” (please excuse the pun!) will always carry on. She doesn’t stop for anything, and neither should we!

Today’s MibsBlog advice, don’t just stand still, follow your dreams and never give up!


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