Fracking – The Lies Of The Gasland Documentary

Yet another excellent post on what will I suspect turn out to be a “burning” issue here in the UK. If you are not already following this guy then you really should consider it.

Before I continue, let me remind anyone who knows me that I am just a simple aged mom who in a past life had a “career” in a british engineering discipline, back in the day when the UK actually HAD an industry, and now long for the simpler things in life, I have an appreciation of trying to be as green in my day to day living as I can, and a strong interest in all things earthquake, volcanic and natural to our planet.

With regards to this fracking film ( I am finding it somewhat hard to use the term “fracking” in front of any word without laughing a little), I too watched with a degree of horror, and decided to do a little research of my own, in my own way.

Do consider these points that I raised with myself over this issue:

1. Which would you prefer beneath your feet….a huge cavern or patch of methane-soaked spongy rock layer that could easily explode with any tiny seismic movement by way of naturally occurring flint in the shale layers striking against another piece of flint?
Or the same filled with safe water that actually helps to stabilise the area better?
Removing the gas and refilling the void areas with water would take this remote risk away completely, also I believe the ground would become more stable as water is denser than gas.

2. Most films use a degree of artistic licence in order to make it a gripping movie, and thus a film made to generate money should never be used as a definitive guide to what is actually happening in the world, although granted some are great starting points for raising awareness of a particular subject.

3. “Fracking causes earthquakes blah blah” Ask yourself this: did early coal mining cause earthquakes?
For this they invented the Davy Lamp, to prevent underground natural gas emission explosions, which must have been occurring on a regular enough basis to convince someone that a safer way of lighting the path in the tunnels was needed, were any earthquakes caused during these early explorations underground?

Also, were any earthquakes actually triggered by the blasting of quarries for stone, hillsides for road, rail and canal building?

4. How many of these politicians have a “vested interest” in so-called Green Energy……….this is something that is really starting to worry me, I realise that they legally supposedly cannot be “attached” whilst they are in power, but how much do we really know about the deals they have struck in readiness for the time when they leave their political positions and thus have time on their hands to sign directorship agreements elsewhere?

That ends my little uneducated foray into this undoubtedly heated subject!

via Fracking – The Lies Of The Gasland Documentary.

Here is another excellent post on the same subject


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