First Day At School, Both Sad, Proud And Not At All Surprised!

First Day In School.....The Before Piccy

Two weeks ago, my little angel BabyMibs had his first day at school. It was quite a bittersweet moment for me, seeing him looking so smart in his new school uniform, yet feeling somewhat sad at losing a part of him forever!
Typically, all seemed to go well, he practically ran to the school gates, and didn’t even look back at me as he flew off to have fun, let alone say bye-bye to mommy!
I was prepared for a few tears maybe from him, but definitely hadn’t counted on myself being the one sobbing like a loon all the way home alone!
When I went to collect him at the end of his day there, I got taken to one side by his teacher and informed of two things.  No 1 was that he had gotten scratched in the face by another little boy ( quite a big relief that it wasn’t MINE who had done this to someone!), and upon trying to check BabyMibs over, he informed me himself  “I am ok Mummy, I don’t need you to kiss it better!” Cue more inward sobs from me!
No 2 was the fact that apparently BabyMibs is not so good at sitting still on the carpet for reading time, no great surprise there, he simply cannot sit still for one minute let alone half an hour!
The only really puzzling thing here is the fact that the school have given him 4 Gold Stars for sitting nicely. It was explained to me that the giving of the stars was a kind of bribe to get him to comply, which I find a little at odds, at home he would NOT be rewarded for being naughty.
Ah well, apart from those hiccups, all seems to be going well, he loves going to school, still refuses to sit nicely, and has become rather chatty at home in an “adult” way!
My little boy has become a little man, sniff

And The After Piccy!


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