Part 2 Of How Can Anyone In The UK Possibly Be Poor? – It’s Your Own Fault Entirely!

These posts have stemmed from a debate that was started accidentally elsewhere, and although it had started getting a bit personal there, it has raised some interesting questions, and some further areas I would like to explore, and I feel the subject deserves an airing here. I will make it fairly easy to respond to any section that you wish to by numbering various points that were made,do feel free to add your views but do try to keep them general and free from swearing please!

Most of these unless otherwise stated are my own personal views and I will NOT take it personally if you disagree, in fact that would make for a healthy all-round discussion. I would like to add here that I was one of the privileged high-earners and big spenders myself untill the UK’s industry took a huge nose-dive, so I do know what it’s like from both sides of the fence!

I will happily approve all comments that follow the above remit, whether you agree or disagree with any comments made here! 🙂

And any tips you may have, even if you are NOT from the UK, may well help somebody somewhere so do feel free to join in, wherever you are based! 

Part 1 was     To Eat Or Not To Eat 

Part 3 is      Get Off Your Backsides And Get A Job

Part 4 is      Do Not Have Children Until You Are Financially Ready To! 



1. The assertion seemed to be that if you are poor, then somehow you had brought that upon yourself, and one thought was that it was easy to have avoided that by taking out insurances against this kind of thing happening…well, have any of you actually read the very tiny print on these things?

I had a prime example of one a few years ago that stated IN VERY TINY PRINT right near the end of lots of meaningless tiny print, that in order to claim when required, I had to have been in continuous employment with the same employer for no less than 40 hours per working week, for no less than 50 weeks per year for a period of at least 4 years in order to claim!

Surely most people’s holiday entitlements would negate that, let alone the simple fact that most jobs these days are contracted for shorter terms and are transient.

I like too many others didn’t catch on to that untill the day came that I needed help!

2.  Yet another of the “it’s your own fault” brigade stated that those who reckoned they were too poor to eat simply aren’t budgeting correctly. Now, I would love for someone to explain to me how, whether a household is working or not, it is possible to “budget correctly” when the basic but necessary bills are rising all the time at over-inflation rates, food prices have pretty much doubled, both private and public transport costs have done and are set to rise more soon, and several greedy banks and landlords have orchestrated higher costs in mortgages and rents between them. Given that keeping a roof over your head is the most important requirement, closely followed by paying the inherent costs that are associated with having a home, in my opinion the only area you can really control and cut back on is the food costs. Especially since a lot of people are suffering job losses, no wage rises and in some cases, even pay cuts.

3. And what about those who DID do everything “right”?

The whole, studied hard, got good well-paying jobs, paid into good pensions with fantastic forecasts, stuck through it all and then got made redundant once over the age of 50 something………with pension pots that either miraculously disappeared overnight or got stolen outright. Was that their own fault?

 Did they somehow bring that upon themselves?

It’s no wonder really that so many people, worldwide and not just in the UK, are rightly angry at how life has turned out for them, especially when we all read daily how the “powers-that-be” are telling us what WE have all been doing wrong whilst THEY continue to live in relative luxury at our expense!

4.  When I was at school, I did everything considered to be right at the time, I studied hard, got good grades, chose what I thought was a steady career and trained well in that. ( despite being told by the teachers that hairdressing or secretarial work was deemed more “appropriate” for a girl, I went into engineering, which at the time the UK was renowned for!) Every job I have had, I have put my heart and soul into, my mum’s old saying was if you are going to do any job, do it well has never left me. I have undertaken some horrendously nasty jobs to keep my head above water, yet always done them well and to the point of exhaustion on my part!

Four career changes and almost 30 years later, I am pretty much penniless, don’t own my own home and somewhat disillusioned with the various money-grabbing and selfish employers I have suffered working for in the past. Is that then somehow my own fault? Maybe it is, maybe I should have been more “me” orientated, and selfish and maybe just a little dishonest in life….but then that wouldn’t have been the real me. For now I am content with the knowledge of what I want to be doing and how I am going to achieve that aim.


More on my story thus far    HERE   if anyone is interested


To be continued……………


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