Chicken A-La Can O’ Sprite! (via brinkofbedlam)

The crazy Internet Cooking Lady Strikes again
Well worth a read and it actually strangely sound tasty!

Chicken A-La Can O' Sprite! Chicken A-La Can O’ Sprite! Anyone remember my FishyDishyCookery cookery stunt?  Well, I figured it was time I at least had a go at a follow up blog post.  My friend Jane came up with this a while ago, and I thought, well why not!  It’s suitable bizarre, and it just might work! In a nutshell I cooked a roast chicken with a can of pop inserted into its cavity. Yes really! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.  Did it explode in the oven?  Did Horace try t … Read More

via brinkofbedlam



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2 responses to “Chicken A-La Can O’ Sprite! (via brinkofbedlam)

  1. I’m the Crazy Internet Cooking Lady am I?!!! LOL! Well, there’s a title to live up to , I’ll do my best :O) x

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