MibsBlog Meanstreet Meals – Easy Peasey Sausage Casserole

This is not the cheapest of my Meanstreet Meals, BUT when you work out the cost per bowlful, and see how many bowls it makes, it’s a cheap and tasty way to feed several people at once, or to make a batch of dinners and freeze some portions for later.
For anyone feeling a bit adventurous, this is a great recipe to try out my friend Sunny’s     Haybox Cooking Tip!    

Go From These Ingredients...

To Taking This Potful Out Of Your Oven!


per casserole potful (this served me up 6 large portions over a week, although once cooled it can be frozen for a later date)

 6 frozen sausages ( these can be bought very cheaply in economy bags of 20 ish for around £1 in most supermarkets)

8 medium potatoes

2 medium Onions roughly chopped up in chunks

2 Garlic Cloves chopped into small pieces

1 tin plum tomatoes

1 tin Red Kidney Beans

2 handfuls frozen peas

1 tablespoon cooking oil ( anything you have is fine)

Optional extras:

couple handfuls of frozen green beans or any other frozen veg you may have lurking in the freezer


Defrost the sausages, either naturally, or carefully in a microwave ( don’t allow them to start cooking in the microwave!) then cut each sausage into three pieces.

 Turn your oven on to full heat

Put a pan of water on to boil, not too much water though.

 Place the sausage pieces into the casserole dish, along with the chopped onions, garlic, half an egg-cup of water ( this prevents sticking),  and one tablespoon of oil. Place the casserole dish with lid on into the oven for around 10/20 minutes on the full heat, basically untill the sausages and onions start to brown off.

Roughly chop the potatoes into bite-sized chunks, ( it’s your preference whether to leave the skins on or not, I prefer them on!), and add them to the pan of boiling water for around five minutes, YOU NEED THEM HALF-COOKED)

Whilst the sausages are browning off, open the Kidney Beans, drain and rinse them.

Open the tinned Tomatoes, and whilst still in the tin, use a pair of scissors to roughly chop them into smaller pieces within the tin. ( you CAN buy pre-chopped tomatoes, but why pay 15p or more extra for such an easy task?)

Once sausages are lightly browned, turn your oven down to half its heat setting, around Gas Mark 6 or 200°C and remove the casserole dish REMEMBERING TO USE OVEN GLOVES OR A TWICE FOLDED TEA-TOWEL, IT WILL BE HOT! ( also don’t forget to watch out where on your kitchen work surface you place the hot dish, it WILL burn a plastic or wooden surface!)

Drain and add the half-cooked potatoes, ( try to save the potato water), add the drained kidney beans, the chopped tomatoes and their juice, the frozen peas, and any other frozen veg you wish to add, give the whole potful a couple of big stirs, top up the liquid with the potato water untill it is about half an inch below the top of the casserole dish, and replace the lid.

Put the whole thing back into the oven for around 40 minutes, (or for those attempting the   Haybox Tip  , place in haybox now for around 2 hours) basically untill the entire potful is bubbling hot!

Serve into a bowlful per person, add salt and pepper to taste, and maybe a sprig/shake of parsley and enjoy!

 Preparation Time – fifteen minutes ( a lot of it can be done whilst the sausages are browning off!)

Cooking Time – No more than one and a half hours, depending on your equipment

Cost – The entire casserole dish worked out at approx £2.07  which equates to roughly 35p per person for 6 bowls at my rate of eating it!

A Nice Big Bowl Of Filling Comfort Grub - Yummy!



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