The Looter’s Prayer – A Joke……Or Is It?

This was sent by email to me today, sad but most likely true!


Our Father, who art in prison,
Mum doesn’t know his name,
Rioting done,
You’ll read it in The Sun,
In Birmingham as it is in London.
Give us this day our dole money cheque,
And forgive us for rioting,
As we forgive those who give ASBOs against us.
Lead us not into employment,
But deliver us free housing.
For thine is smashed windows,
The plasmas and nicked computers,
For ever and ever,



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3 responses to “The Looter’s Prayer – A Joke……Or Is It?

  1. That is spot on! Very clever! And, sadly, very true!

    In The U.S. we are generally fine with helping those who ‘truly’ can not help themselves, and, transitionally for those who may have been displaced due to illness or loss of employment. But, when a large segment of the population starts believing that they are ‘entitled’ to these things, simply because they are a citizen, and protest in favor of more such programs, then, that becomes a very big problem for the country as a whole.

    I prefer that most charitable giving comes from private institutions, which, due to free-market principles, are more likely to deliver quality and timely services then the Government. And, generally-speaking, people don’t come to expect to be taken care of by the Government, but, rather, have a spirit of gratitude to their fellow citizens, who ‘voluntarily’ came to their aid, in a time of need.

  2. This is not supposed to be amusing, but thought-provoking! The question is: what guides these young people as they trash their own neighbourhoods? Some of them were only youngsters – 12/13/14. Where were their parents? Or had they given up on them. Perhaps some of the young people have nothing to look forward to in terms of life-expectations, so why not cock a snoop at society and have a good time, smashing things up and stealing – after all, property is theft! The real reason why this has happened is that society as a whole has lost its way. The boundaries of what is clearly right and wrong have been blurred.
    Sorry I’m on my soapbox and now I’ll get off!!

    Check out these extracts from my published collection –

    • Hence the title “a joke..or is it!”
      Agreed it is very thought provoking, I have lived in Hackney and indeed worked as a postperson on the estates where a lot of these “gangs” are, and so have first-hand experience of both the sadly disadvantaged but essentially good kids, and the nasty ruthless uncaring little ***** who consider drug-dealing and terrorising their neighbourhoods as a career move. In my job delivering mail there I was shot at, followed by gangs and threatened, told certain blocks were no-go zones for strangers, and attempts were made on numerous occasions to snatch my mail-bags.
      Having also lived elsewhere in the country there is also a deep-seated ” we are entitled to” mentality amongst the older roughly up to 35 somethings, who really do believe that it is ok to develop drink and drug addictions, claim DLA because of this, and all the other help they get with nice housing etc, and simply use all this help to fund more binges and anti-social behaviour to their neighbours. I don’t have all the answers, but am convinced a large part is down to lack of simple discipline starting from home, school then onwards. When I was a teen, university was beyond my means for a long time, I had to work to afford it eventually, and good jobs were scarce, again, you take whatever you can get and use that to step upwards. That ethos has gone nowadays.
      I’ll get off your soapbox now lol, and thank you for stopping by my humble blog xxxx

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