A Solution For The UK Rioters – Petition To Government

Further to my previous post on the    riots in Tottenham    and after seeing even more horrific footage on the news about the insane spread of the violence and troubles, below is my personal take on the problem, the result, a solution and the possible outcomes if such a solution were to actually happen. Do feel free to add your own views, short of swearing I WILL publish all comments, both for and against these ideas, it would be great if we managed between us all to get enough comments here to be able to present this page as a people’s petition to the UK Government, non-political but totally united in our wish to live peaceably in our own homes, streets and towns without fear of thuggery, theft and mindless vandalism.

This senseless rioting has NOTHING to do with what the police may or may not have gotten wrong in the Duggan incident, and has EVERYTHING to do with opportunism and the “we are untouchable” mentality that has arisen in sections of our society, and for the record, out of all the footage I have been so ashamed as a UK citizen watching, I have seen youths and persons of both sexes and ALL races involved in the destruction and robbery.

The Problem

Parents are no longer allowed to discipline their children properly when it is required ( and in a lot of cases have no desire to do so, nor indeed any interest in their kids at all)

Mother’s have been systematically forced into work so there is no parent available for them when kids finish their school day.

School teachers and the police can no longer apply discipline where needed in the classrooms nor on the streets without fear of retribution and job loss from the PC “human rights” brigade, thugs rights seem to have soared way higher than normal everyday citizens rights.

These so-called “disassociated” kids, who claim they have nothing and no future hope, despite wearing the very latest in designer clothing and footwear, not to mention the newest gadgetry on the market, have no concept of the simple fact that you do not get something for nothing in this world we ALL live in.

The Result

Mass riots and wanton destruction throughout the UK.

Ordinary law-abiding people’s lives completely destroyed.

Police and fire services left hanging on the front line helpless thanks to far too much Government Red Tape constraining them.

Our prisons are going to be far too overcrowded, and costs for keeping these criminals is going to spiral out of all proportion for something that is in fact ineffective.

My Solution

Allow the policemen on the beat to actually do what they used to be able to do years ago, if they catch someone committing even an apparently small offence let them discipline the youth concerned, then take him/her back home so the parents can then also discipline them.

Allow teachers a lot more powers to discipline in the classroom where necessary, in order to help nip problems in the bud and also prevent class-wide disruption.

Instead of short soft sentences in prison with the free TV and video games there, install a National Service system of two years duration, whereby any CRIMINAL under say 25 years old, and over 12 years old ( lets face it if they are already that much of a problem at 12, continuing schooling simply isn’t going to work) who has committed a public order offence or something that would usually result in an ASBO, instead does their time with the Army.

( I do NOT advocate simply placing everyone on a National Service scheme, just those who obviously though their criminal behaviour refuse to be a part of normal society)

This would save wasting more public money and time on prisons, which obviously are no longer a deterrent and to be honest just breeds re-offenders en mass. It would also give these kids the discipline and respect that they so badly need in a controlled environment, the chance to learn a trade ( mechanics, electronics etc) and I rather suspect at least half of the “recruits” at the end of their two-year term might well find themselves actually wanting a career in the Armed Forces, thereby solving the recruitment problem that currently exists.

To me this would be a much cheaper and far more effective way of dealing with a growing problem that we are now facing.

Added to the above would be the extra benefit that many parents of troublesome teens over 12 yrs old, would then be no longer able to claim extra financial benefits in the name of their offspring nor the social housing that they currently enjoy, cut their beer/drug money handouts, make them move home for two years untill their offspring return, then sit back on the waiting lists like everyone else has to do.

Possible Outcome

If the above solution was to be acted upon and soon, I believe the savings from the reduced government handouts in benefits, tax credits and housing payments would more than pay for the basic set-up and living costs of running the National Service. The repercussions throughout those in our society who believe they deserve to live off tax-payers backs would be massive, once they realise that WE mean it and it IS actually happening for real, a lot of them would shape-up as it were, and although the initial numbers “joining” the National Service programme I suspect would be high, after a couple of years this would undoubtedly drop to an easily manageable level, and not only that, those who choose NOT to join the Armed Forces for real after their time would still come out much more rounded citizens with a strong sense of discipline and quite likely a good start in a new career in hands-on trades that this country so badly needs right now in order to rebuild our way out of this recession.

DO let me know what YOU think



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15 responses to “A Solution For The UK Rioters – Petition To Government

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  2. George Rolph

    Hi Mibs

    Hey. Thanks for this. I had actually read this report and Blairs burblings in the Observer by way of contrast. I did not realise you were referring to this because you said it was on the news and I thought a different idea had been put forward. It will be interesting to see how things develop from here.

    Thanks again.

    • Sorry bout that, I did hear it on the news, freeview sky channel late night jobbie but as I said I wasn’t really paying attention…think it was Cameron speaking but hey, note to self, keep pen and paper handy for future reference!

  3. George Rolph

    OK. Mibs you asked for it. Lol. Let the debate begin.

    First though: “BTW George did you happen to notice on the news they are seriously considering a mix of our two ideas as a punishment?” No. I don’t have a TV so what I missed this. What was said, by who?

    @sunnyworthing. As you attacked my premise the onus is on you to explain why. I look forwards to reading it.

  4. “Stop funding feminism which is a political ideology directly decended from Marxism”.
    Sorry where did you get this idea from? I really would love to know. In all my years of study, as a sociologist and a psychologist I have never come across this theory. Maybe a rethink of your theory is in order.

    • @sunnyworthing Or perhaps your education is lacking. I have spent 35 years studying feminism and its origins. This is not my blog and not the place to argue this. If you want that fight please go to my blog here: http://justamanwriting.blogspot.com/ and leave Mibbs in peace. I am happy to cross swords or exchange information with you. Though I have a feeling that learning may be the last thing on your mind, I am willing to see if you are genuine.

      • It is both good and healthy to have differences of opinion, if we were all the same life would be SOO boring wouldn’t it!
        Please don’t fall out you two, I consider you both to be great online pals both with extremely valid and well thought out opinions!

        PS Do feel free to debate on here lol, a good discussion is always both interesting and useful

      • Dear Georghe Rolph,
        More than willing to hear other points of view and discuss them. No need to fight though. A good debate is a great thing. Will pop over to your blog soon, I look forward to a good conversation. I am always open to new ideas.
        Sorry Mibs I had no intention of sparking off anything here.

  5. We must begin by removing the obstacles the nuclear family face and undoing 50 years of Cultural Marxist effects. Stop funding feminism which is a political ideology directly decended from Marxism. It is what the Russians did when it wrought havoc in their system, why can’t we do the same? The family is the bedrock of Western civilisation which is why the Marxists attack it so vehemently. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!
    As for crime. The jails are full and building new ones will take alot of time. Where possible I would advocate putting offenders towork in this way. Give them a job to do with normal rates of pay. (Don’t ask them to find a job. Give them a job). At the same time give them a sentence. It would work like this: Imagine someone sentenced to two years without parole. You give them a job. Any job. You tell them, every day you turn up for work is a day off your sentence. If you fail to come to work without a doctors certificate or your probation officers written permission, you will go to prison to serve your sentence starting from that day and any days you earned offyour sentence will be forfieted. You will be required to open a savings account and a proprtion ofyour wages (decided by yourprobation officer) will be placed in that account for you. You will not have access to that money until your sentence is done. That money is to give you a real start when your sentence is over. If you fail to come to work or commit any further crimes, that money will be forfiet.
    This idea frees up prison places and teaches these criminals how to work, how to have routines instead of chaotic lives and how to save money for the future. It costs society very little and forces the criminal to give something back. It would NOT take the place of any fines or victim reparations.

  6. Good for you as we need to stop the madness as people are taking an isolated incident and using it as an excuse to act like street trash.If these were my kids I would be mortified so well said.

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