MibsBlog Thrifty Tips – August 2011

Here I will try to share any money/time saving tips that I have found to be useful each month.

Do feel free to share yours also if you don’t mind me keeping the list updated!

( I will of course name you as the author of your tip!)



Home-Made Plant Food Ideas

Mixing finely crushed rinsed eggshells into your potting soil would give your houseplants a good boost. The eggshells are a good substitute for bonemeal.

If you have a fish tank, when you change the water in the tank, use the water you take out to water your plants. Your plants will love fish fertilizer!

A wonderful plant food is ordinary green tea. Dilute the tea with two gallons of water. You can use this every time you water. Plants love it.

Collect seaweed, wash off the salt, submerge in boiling water and allow to steep. Dilute it to make a weakish foliar feed. Spray plants once a week.

When you have leftover black coffee dilute it in a pail of water and use it to water tomatoes growing in pots or in the ground. It will give them a nitrogen boost.


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