Tip of the Day Blackberries (via eatingonapound)

I remember my mother taking us out to the countryside to do just that, also we collected Elderberry Flowers, and later the Elderberries themselves, Sloes, Dandelions, pretty much anything that could be made into jams or wines ( oh the stories I could tell you about explosive wine-making in the family bathroom! I won’t, else Mommy Dearest will read it and probably disown me completely!)

Heads up folks the Blackberries are already in season (early this year). I was too ill to go blackberrying with my friend from up the road today, but she came over tonight with three huge bowls full to share. They are just such a fantastic free fruit and they freeze really well. They keep for at least two months in the freezer and can be made into great tarts and crumbles or just eaten on their own. When you freeze them lay them onto a baking tra … Read More

via eatingonapound

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