Make Someone’s Monday – MibsBlog Monday Smileday Meme

Ok folks, today I have a challenge for all of you out there. In light of all the bad news and horrible events that occurred this weekend, it’s about time we passed on something nice, think of the butterfly wafting it’s wings gently half-way across the world and causing a hurricane here scenario, well I reckon if we all do something nice today for a complete stranger, that little random act of kindness might well spread across the world and make a difference to someone else!

It doesn’t have to be anything huge either, simply holding a door open for the next person, letting a person behind you in a supermarket queue go first if they only have one or two items, smile and say hello to a passing stranger on the street, thanking the guy who just served you in the shop, help a mother with a push-chair on steps etc,  these are all little things we could and should be doing every day.

Just remember back to the last time some stranger did something randomly nice for you, and how good that made you feel.

If you really want to make some waves, why not check on an elderly neighbour, see if they are ok, need any shopping fetching etc, or if you know you have a struggling mum nearby, see if she’d appreciate a hand with shopping also.

The simple act of saying hello to your neighbours, and at the very least knowing their names, is something we seem to have lost as a society, especially where our youth are concerned. It’s far too easy to pick on people when you don’t actually know them, maybe if we all set a little example we can help change the yobbish culture back into the respectful and helpful way that I am  sure most of these bored kids can really be.

If you like and agree with this post, then please help me to spread the word today by passing it on, tweeting, posting, anything xx


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One response to “Make Someone’s Monday – MibsBlog Monday Smileday Meme

  1. I so agree Mibs, it only takes a few mins to do something nice. Not been out for a bit due to being ill, but I do really try when ever I can to do something nice. Come on everyone join in! We can make it a better world.

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